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London Spirit

By Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson creates stunning intricate cityscapes using striking colour, texture, and newsprint to atmospheric effect. Inspired by the early work of Peter Blake, and the artwork of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover, Ed embarked upon a successful career into graphics and illustration. His graphical painting style emerged in the 1970s, and was used publicity for ICI and WH Smiths, which ensured its stylistic longevity in his artistic career.

Often drawing in the viewer with directional light, Ed captures a moment in time, a glimpse of a bustling market, or a busy street scene, or an iconic landmark, as the characters bustle though the composition. Ed interplays collage with mixed media in his work, employing newsprint and printed type to add a voice to his colourful interpretations of urban living. A painting begins its life with an on-the-spot sketches and Ed simplifies the chosen scene to create a vision of line and shape on paper. “Elements of an abstract nature emerge as a consequence of simplifying the subject with a variety of effects and a limited palette”.

Ed employs a variety of materials to create innovative features in his work and these include bubble wrap, corrugated card, foam, clingfilm, sack and rollers. He uses a gesso paint, mixed to his own recipe, to sometimes very visual rough brushstrokes. Other times, he employs the use of sandpaper to smooth the surface ready for the incorporation of newsprint and font type.

“The working process involves losing the image and then finding it through the mixed media techniques that I employ. This continues through the development of the painting.”

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Timeless Icons - Edition Release

By Scott Tetlow

Following on from the success of ‘Legends’, we are delighted to present a range of new limited editions featuring iconic musical figures of the 20th & 21st century. Completely modern and original in their inception, there is an unreserved elegance to his stylist interpretations of these very different stars of radio and screen.

Distinctive of the urban pop movement, Scott’s style is innovative and instantly recognisable, regardless of the subject matter. Scott lived in Taiwan for a time and his studies of calligraphy have greatly influenced his work. Chinese calligraphy is valued as ‘high art’, both for the beauty of its aesthetic form and its ability to express the inner beauty of the soul and spirit. Often, Chinese painters will say they are “writing a painting” and this is a concept that continues to shape Scott’s work to this day.

Through his love of calligraphy, Scott has developed a form of painting that is linear and yet absent of the constraints of calligraphy. Instead, it is imbued with a sense of freedom of movement, that is balanced and contained in considered composition. This movement adds to the illusion of life and spirit. There is a confidence of line, a strength in the flow of creation that adds to the energy of the artwork. Quite clearly there is an abstraction to the work, but there is a realism too that gives his chosen icons personality and character that is unsurpassed.

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Lyrical Abstraction

By Alison Johnson

In the new collection Lyrical Abstraction, Alison explores a world of negative space, tonal values, and compositional concepts.]

Employing the classic emotional language of abstract that characterises her style, Alison has made a compositional departure in these new works to embark on a journey that has led her to increased structure and geometric ambiguity. These aspects in her work are familiar yet unfamiliar, and here they are given greater conceptual freedom than in her archetypal works.

There is a balance between spontaneity and consideration, free flowing brushstrokes, and structured spaces. The colour palette and the tonal range offer a sense of calmness, despite the evidence of energised brushstrokes and vivid pigment choices, and the viewer is left with an enormous sense of wellbeing as we lose ourselves in the spatial depth that is created in each composition.

It is a style that is quintessentially Alison Johnson, yet at the same time there is something completely new, refreshing and engaging about the work that has been developed through an innovative creative thought process.

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Studio Edition Collection X

View The Latest Collections

Welcome to the latest edition of The Studio Editions Collection brochure…

This month, we are celebrating the summer season with some of the latest names to join the portfolio and their eclectic ranges of hand -finished artwork.

Carl Melegari explores the human form in his breath-taking debut editions, focusing on the semi-abstraction of the figure and the versatility of oil paint to create them; Michiel Folkers continues to delight with his unique technique of combining street posters and collage, with spray paint and screen-printing, as he endeavours to make a whole new image with lots of different elements; Sannib introduces fashion brands into his work, focusing on the concept of currency, whilst paying homage to celebrated pop artists Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana; and Emily Crook fuses fashion and culture with legendary cartoon characters that form many childhood memories, and continue to delight almost 100 years since their inception.

Each title in the collection is hand signed by the artist and is part of a small exclusive edition, which adds to its desirability. The range has a sumptuous luxuriousness that is ideal for the discerning art collector or makes the perfect first piece for any art collection. These faithful representations combine the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting.

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Debut Studio Edition Collection

By Carl Melegari

Carl Melegari’s contemporary approach to painting explores the human form, primarily focusing on the semi-abstraction of the figure and the versatility of oil paint to create them.

Often working from life and models, Carl explores how the physicality of the paint combined with the density of pigment can give a sense of life radiating from the canvas, as if to evoke the vigour of the human form. His approach to painting explores the treatment and handling of paint whilst conveying expressionistic, ethereal figures. His paintings arguably focus as much on the medium of paint and how it reacts with the surface, as they do on the subject matter of the piece.

Through the veils of layers, achieved by continuously accumulating and scraping back the paint, a figure emerges as if to suggest that the sitter has become enveloped and partly obscured by the energy of the paint. His work draws from sculptural influences, such as American sculptor Manuel Neri, as well as from colourists, such as Italian painter Giorgio Morandi.

Carl frequently uses a monochromatic palette to generate the idea that he is playing with the reduction of form, often abstracting and delineating parts to create a more non-figurative feel. He often uses this muted palette to replicate a sense of isolation and seclusion. He then applies paint liberally and without reserve: allowing it to drip spontaneously to both literally and symbolically mirror the personality of the sitter.


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Show Me The Money

By Sannib

Sannib’s iconic portraiture celebrates a distinguished repertoire of the 20th and 21st century figures to produce show-stopping artworks. The creativity in which he represents familiar faces is both innovative and charming; the classical portrait is abstracted, and the Illusion of layers gives stunning depth to the work. In this new collection, Sannib introduces fashion brands and much-loved cartoon characters into his work, whilst paying homage to celebrated pop artists Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana.

Sannib is a graduate in graphic design, and the experience of his background is clearing evident in his creative process; his artwork is sophisticated and his compositions both intricate and intriguing. Sannib has developed a unique mixed media style blending graphic elements, painting techniques and textures. He uses several materials and mediums, combined with highly distinctive colourways and avant-garde finishes.

Sannib has a great passion for colourful communication and finds inspiration in both vibrancy and infused lighting. He believes that his colour palette derives from nature’s own colour spectrum, with a focus on” the golden shades of the earth and the inspirational blue shades of the sea and sky”.

Since joining the portfolio earlier this year, Sannib has continued to enthral art lovers, and he is an artist every art collector should take note of in 2022.

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League Of Legends

By Emily Crook

As one of the country's leading contemporary artists, Emily is inspired by both retro and modern-day culture. She graduated with a degree in graphic design, but soon after changed direction and became dedicated to finding her unique artistic vision with a paintbrush. The influence of her studies is clearly evident in her compositions, in terms of structure, balance and shape.

Emily has always keenly followed street art and this influence is most apparent in the backgrounds of her paintings. These are all created using spray paints, which are then overlaid with her chosen motifs using hand cut stencils and acrylic paints.

Iconic branding is a quintessential element of Emily’s vibrant paintings, and they define her style and technical approach. Emily takes inspiration from fashion and culture and fuses it with legendary cartoon characters that form many childhood memories and continue to delight almost 100 years since their inception. These animated icons offer wonderful moments of pure nostalgia, whilst often bearing the stamp of modern designer motifs. The intricate patterns associated with luxury brands form a strong theme in her work. From Vuitton to Gucci and Burberry to Fendi, they all add to the rich tapestry of symbolism that makes Emily’s work highly detailed and instantly recognisable.

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New Studio Editions

By Michiel Folkers

Michiel Folkers was born in the Netherlands and started his artistic journey experimenting with graffiti art in the nineties. It naturally evolved into street art with the use of stencils and matured on canvas, as he refined his artistic style. Heavily influenced by festival posters pasted on the walls of Holland’s streets, Michiel became fascinated by the aesthetics of these “promotional posters” and the idea of layering graffiti upon them. Describing them as ‘collage-walls’, he is still using these kinds of street elements in his art today. The work is often made up of posters that Michiel has collected from the streets of Amsterdam, referring to them “sustainable art” which gives an “edgy and living character to the painting.”

There are many themes in Michiel’s work, and he started to explore genres whilst experimenting with alternative techniques, such as collage and spray paint which he felt made his work more innovative and avant-garde. Screen-printing is also a commonly used technique in his work, “actually I use every technique to make my canvas look like a city wall”, he says. Michiel endeavours to make a whole new image with lots of different elements.

“I am always trying to force the viewer to see one image instead of seeing all the loose parts”. His artwork has become increasingly more abstract in the last five years, but amidst the “chaos” of his compositions he always tries to find order in palette and placement, “the chaos has to be friendly and quiet”. For Michiel, the exciting part of his technique is the restricted use of colour, “I am forced to use colour combinations the streets will give me.”

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Add Subtract

Debut Studio Edition Collection

We are thrilled to present the debut collection of Studio Editions by Add Subtract.

British artist Andy Dennett, otherwise known as Add Subtract, takes his inspiration from a career in music. With a background as a DJ working in clubs, at festivals, and corporate events, as well as artist liaison and promoting his record label, Andy has witnessed the fast-paced, high-energy lifestyle and the challenges individuals can endure through their musical success. With the highs come the lows, no matter the genre, scale, or industry, the fame can chew up and spit out the best of the best, and truly push people to the precipice.

Executing a mixed media style with the use of graffiti, collage, paint, and a principal portrait image, Add Subtract has created the “twisted icons” series; artwork featuring a hero shot of an iconic artist, paired with a collage journey of their lives. Starting with a trigger moment in time during the icon’s life, a ‘hero’ image is carefully selected and often manipulated to emphasise the root of inspiration for the piece. Andy will immerse himself in the icon's history and craft to absorb every detail, fusing together torn press clippings and album artwork with spray paint, acrylic, pen, stickers, and even gold leaf.

Each of the four icons featured in this debut collection has led notorious lives and Andy’s work is often fuelled by a troubled soul at war with inner demons. Addiction, money, power, fame, and the impact they have form part of the inspiration for each piece Andy creates. It’s not uncommon to see his work feature a yellow halo and this symbolises that despite everything endured, there is a soul at the core of us all. Often there is a “hello my name is sticker” placed carefully in the composition, which reminds us that we are all just people, just a face with a name. We are delighted to welcome Add Subtract to the portfolio and believe he is an artist that every art collector should take note of in 2022.

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A Tall Trio

By Amy Louise

We are delighted to present the gorgeous new edition by Amy Louise, Tall Trio. Amy's characters, style and colour palette makes her work instantly recognisable, and she has established a considerable following on the contemporary art scene.

Tall Trio is a representation of the calm, clumsy and caring nature of a giraffe. The characters that Amy portrays are as amusing as they are adorable! We are encouraged to create the characters in our mind, guided by the look in their eyes as they stare back at us! She offers only a glimpse of the personality of these mesmerising creatures and as she illustrates them in enchanting acts of colour and form. Amy’s portraiture is as renowned for its wit, as it is for its distinctiveness. The beguiling detail of the subject is juxtaposed with the softness and simplicity of its background and this, along with the bold bitumen outlines, ensures the work exudes energy and charisma.

There is a certain magical to Amy’s portraits and Tall Trio is bursting with personality, which is guaranteed to bring a smile!

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Radiant Shores

By Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson continues to be one of the most successful artists on the contemporary art scene, and the new collection promises to delight her many collectors.

Alison's atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive, and her craft is driven by a desire to encapsulate the atmosphere and emotion of a place. With a nod to the impressionist painters, her work has been likened to the great masters of our time and the Turneresque overtones are apparent. Alison’s seascapes follow a long-standing tradition which have been modernized with a painterly contemporary styling. She combines the power of light with the energy of water to reveal the abstract, almost surreal character of the natural world.

Ephemeral and evocative, Alison creates a sense of movement through colour, light, and balance. Colours sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist. The sky appears deep and brooding, the colours revealing a darkness that battles with the flashes of light. When shapes reveal themselves through the hazy glow, they appear lost against the infinite space of the world around. There is an overriding sense of wonder to Alison’s work, and the atmospheric compositions are complimented by her breath-taking use of tone and colour.


Introducing Joe Galindo

New Artist To The Portfolio

Joe Galindo was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in 1994. He showed talent with a pencil at an early age and years down the line, after university and several 9-5 jobs, he chose to put his ability to use. Painting pets, footballers, musicians and taking requests from social media to fund his endeavours, he then launched his popular abstract landscapes into galleries.

However, at the age of 24, he felt the need for change, put down the brush and spontaneously left his hometown to live in Vietnam. His travels then took him all across Asia before landing in Australia. It was here where he began to paint again, and began selling in Melbourne and Sydney. Always on the look-out for different and interesting art, Galindo was continually inspired by artists he met overseas, alongside the jungles, coastlines and wildlife he encountered on the way. In 2022, after a pit stop in Sri Lanka for one last taste of Asian life, he returned home to rekindle his passion for creation and pursue his purpose in life.

The key to Galindo's unique style is the inventive ways to apply paint to the canvas. By using different techniques and mediums on top of one another, depth and contrast is created. Powerful contemporary colours are abstractly incorporated with details of wild animals in a loose, energetic style, which combine for an unusual but satisfying end product that demands attention and allows each person to interpret them individually.

He attempts to express his own emotion and sentiment in the face of the animals to build a connection with the viewer. Unorthodox tools are used to apply paint including spoons, nails and bits of rubber. Moreover, each single piece of art is irreplicable due to the random nature of propelling paint with a flick of the wrist or a swoosh of the arm.

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HRH - New Studio Edition

By Ben Jeffery

Ben Jeffrey has created a stunning commemorative image to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

This mesmerising portrait represents an extraordinary homage to HRH The Queen, fusing together two visions of Her Majesty, denoting the most significant moments in her reign: the ascension and the historic milestone of 2022. With his distinctive style, Ben has rendered this familiar face somehow unfamiliar, both with his extraordinary compositional vision and his unusual colour palette, complemented with metallic leaf embellishment reflecting the Platinum theme.

Whilst striving to achieve a strong likeness, Ben has also endeavoured to capture the personality of Her Majesty in this portrait, conveying the charming innocence of her early years, with the stoic strength that has epitomised her reign. Ben does not like his paintings to look too perfect and enjoys leaving an element of interpretation for the viewer; “I find being able to see the paintings process and layered brushstrokes in the artwork makes it more interesting to the viewer,” he says.

Ben’s innovative approach brings an exciting new dimension to the repertoire of portraits of HRH The Queen and sets it apart from those created by his contemporaries.

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Pride Of Britain

By Leigh Lambert

Leigh Lambert has often been referred to as a painter of nostalgic and sentimental images. Taking inspiration from his own childhood in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, his work evokes fond memories and commemorates wonderful moments in time. In his latest limited edition, Pride of Britain, Leigh captures the spectacle of the British street party, the collaborative celebration of a community rejoicing together on a special occasion.

Likened to the work of L.S. Lowry, Leigh’s artwork records the nuances of everyday life in a wistful portrayal of human activity and enjoyment on populous streets. People move about lovingly observed in the moment, with a sense constant human interaction that is familiar, timeless, and universal.

Adopting a stylised realism, Leigh’s technique is painstakingly accurate. He prefers the surface on which he paints to be solid and smooth, and consequently he primes his board six times to achieve the desired finish. Consequently, the surface of his oil paintings is exceptionally refined. He works in layers, beginning with the sky, painting from the background to the foreground. His use of colour is minimal, optimistically applying splashes of colour only to the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes. This vibrancy of colour captures the mood of joy and vitality and often denotes symbolism in the work.

Leigh first began winning awards for his work in 2014 and has enjoyed an extraordinarily successful career to date, with countless limited editions collections sold out within weeks of release. His original paintings are highly sought-after, and due to the technique, that he employs they are quite a rarity. For Leigh, he hopes that his work has impact on the viewer and enriches their lives by stirring up positive, nostalgic feelings and memories. To have his work in pride of place in someone’s home is a huge privilege and he simply “couldn’t wish for better!”

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By Paul Wright

Paul has chosen to mark the Platinum Jubilee with a stunning rendition of Her Majesty The Queen, capturing her personality and charm, combined with the strength and resolve, that she has exhibited as the first British monarch to celebrate 70 years of service.

Paul’s brushstrokes are dynamic and powerful, and every stroke is significant, commanding the space on the canvas of which it occupies. There is no blurring or softening of stroke, but this intensity is delicately balanced, so as not to overshadow the subject that he seeks to portray. Through Paul’s courageous choice of colour, and his quintessential technique of painterly contrast, there is a freshness to this time-honoured subject. The distinctively contemporary portrait of The Queen is imbued with an energy, and a force of life that honours the role that she has assumed during her long and distinguished reign.

“I try to explore new ways to describe each of my subjects, and through this process, I hope to present the face in a direct and challenging way. If I am successful, then the final image should walk a line between likeness and abstraction.” Inevitably, regardless of my subject, I see them all as a form of self-portraiture.”

Paul is now a hugely successful British artist with a unique style which has earned him a place at the BP National Portrait Award on no less than two occasions. Paul received further awards from The National Gallery for the annual BP Award and he made the shortlist for grand prize in 2014.

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Infinite Seas

By Paul Bennett

Whilst Paul Bennett graduated with an honours degree in fine art, painting took a back seat for a while, as he fell into a career in graphic design and worked mainly in the finance sector in the City of London.

After working in the illustrious financial district for some years, Paul returned to his home county of Buckinghamshire and rediscovered his love of painting. He embarked on a period of experimentation, endeavouring to capture the sense and true essence of a place. Paul became transfixed with conveying the drama and intensity of seascapes and landscapes, with light and shadow becoming crucial elements in the development of his visionary abstract paintings.

Paul’s work is dramatic, atmospheric, and totally captivating. The lines of reality and illusion are blurred and ambiguous, and there is an uncertainty as to where the sky ends, and the sea or landscape begins. Paul strives to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation, whilst leaving the subject open to interpretation. The seascape and landscapes paintings are created from memory, rather than referring to photography, resulting in more abstracted and expressive pieces rather than realistic representation. Paul’s main aim is to create work that is most definitely painted and accomplishes this through rich textures, multiple layers and mark-making. Whilst there is passion and intensity to the work, it has a therapeutic overtone, and the ethereal quality of the compositions offer a sense of serenity and calmness the viewer.


Debut Studio Edition Collection

By John Horsewell

John Horsewell was destined to be an artist with both his parents and grandfather having careers in the arts. From an early age, he experimented with all forms of media and discovered that oil paint suited the style he enjoyed well, as it allowed him to convey light and shadow in a delicate, simplistic way.

Initially, his artistic career began in interior design and painting was something of a weekend pastime, but as he began to exhibit his work all over the UK, his reputation grew and his name became firmly established in the art world.

It was in the 1970s that John became a full-time painter, and he has enjoyed a distinguished career over the last 50 years, recreating scenes on canvas that he has appreciated on his travels. His style and choice of subject matter have become synonymous with his name, and his imagery continues to oscillate between beautiful vistas of Southern Europe and the tranquil shores of Florida, where he spends much of his time.

Working today from his studio in Essex, John’s paintings are executed using both brushes and palette knives, which offers the reward of a distinctive texture. The flair with which he paints communicates the pleasure of the location he has experienced, inviting the viewer to come into his world and enjoy it with him.

000198 Shaun Othen Launch Digital Brochure 1080x1080

New Editions

By Shaun Othen

Shaun was introduced to a wide range of classical artists from an early age and was most notably drawn to the 19th century works of Laurence Alma-Tadema and Alphonse Mucha. In the work of these artists, Shaun discovered a strong connection to their opulent depictions of the female form and the elegant style in which they presented their muses. This aesthetic has grown with him and quite clearly continues to influence his work to the present day.

It was at the renowned Falmouth School of Art that Shaun discovered his passion for figurative work, but it is in more recent years that he has consciously broken away from the rigid structure of a more photographic style that he once employed and developed a more expressive approach. Some have termed his approach as ’Deconstructive Realism,’ in which he pushes the boundaries of fragmentation, line, and solid colour, in exploration of the limits between representation and abstraction.

In much of his work, we observe a variety of deconstructed areas in complete contrast to smooth zones, and in doing so Shaun creates a sense a rhythm and harmony throughout the composition, thus keeping the viewer engaged. Shaun concentrates primarily on the human form devoid of the complex surrounding environment. This enables him to use the background as an abstract area in which the figure can be ‘deconstructed,’ thus distancing the boundaries of true representation.

Not wishing to be confined by the traditional language of paint, Shaun sometimes substitute’s brushes for various tools to articulate his vision. His oil paintings begin life with a gesso foundation on which Shaun sketches the female form in charcoal. He then builds on these foundational strokes and creates an acrylic understudy. Much of this preliminary painting is hidden once he begins to use oils, but there are still traces to be seen if you look closely. Shaun’s technique, in collaboration with his unique fusion of realism and abstraction, ensured that his artwork is both unique and exceptionally beautiful and guaranteed to bring an elegance to any setting.


Studio Editions BFA April 2022 Draft 4

Studio Edition Brochure

Available Now

This month features a diverse range of artwork to inspire and delight all art lovers, with mesmerising realism from wildlife virtuoso Martin Robson to impressionistic excellence from Colin Brown and his stunning renditions of cosmopolitan cities

The innovative artist Chuck unveils his stunning new collection ‘Hedonism,’ which explores the relationship between the human form and the natural world to stunning effect, creating exquisite celebrations of the female form.

Linda Charles continues to captivate us with her Pulp Series, and the quintessentially “vintage modernist” fusions of 60s book covers and cult musical classics, whilst the eagerly awaited new collection of editions from Andrei Protsouk guarantees to excite and delight his devoted collectors.

We are thrilled to add debut editions by exciting new discovery Sannib to the collection, with three show-stopping centrepieces celebrating a distinguished repertoire of 20th and 21st century iconic figures. The reaction to his work has been phenomenal since joining the portfolio, and we believe he is an artist every art collector should take note of in 2022.

000190 Chuck Launch Digital Brochure 1080x1080

Debut Studio Edition Collection

By Chuck

The new collection by Chuck encapsulates the ‘hedonism’ of an imagined world, as we explore the relationship between the human form and the natural world.

The beauty of the female form is represented as a goddess, adorned with floral elements that form a tapestry of symbolism. The strength of woman is amplified, as she poses with her natural headdress, and we observe the harmony between nature and beauty. The language of flowers, purity, hope, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth is beautifully articulated within each piece, offering a unique voice and identity.

Chuck’s styling is clearly influenced by his fascination with the art of the Baroque and Renaissance eras, and as he fuses the classical with the contemporary a surreal portraiture is created. His love of fashion and design radiates from the canvas, and the juxtaposition between antiquity and modernity is intensified through the use of his colour palette and metallic gold leaf embellishment.

The Hedonism collection is a range of four exclusive editions limited to just 45 copies. Each numbered edition is signed by the artist and beautifully hand embellished to creature a sumptuous texture. These faithful representations combine the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting and offer a unique element to every single collectable edition.

000189 Andrei Protsouk Launch Digital Brochure 1080x1080

Entwined Love

By Andrei Protsouk

We are delighted to introduce the stunning collection of Studio Editions by Andrei Protsouk, Entwined Love.

Much of Andrei’s artwork centres around the universal theme of love, frequently depicting couples in the midst of passionate dances or embraces. His elaborate pieces burst with vibrant colours, intricate shapes, and varied textures. Andrei has embedded his use of line into all his artwork and has coined this technique as “Fine Line”. His straight, constructive use of line embodies his classical fine art training in every way. In the academy, Andrei was revered as a ‘Master of Composition’; where most artists are limited to only a few elements of composition in their work, Protsouk incorporates all the elements of composition into his. This captivates his audience’s eyes, which are drawn to move around his canvas, so that every time anyone looks at his art the unique composition ensures that the painting is never seen in the same way twice. Andrei’s use of constructive line demonstrates his innate creative ability, and understanding of the human form, drawing comparisons to the figurative works of Michelangelo.

Andrei’s experimentation in art, and the evolution of his subject matter, has ensured phenomenal commercial success, plus great admiration from his contemporaries. He has many accolades to his name, including of commissions for Johnnie Walker and Coca Cola, and his work hangs in private collections of notable figures, including former US president George Bush.

Andrei Protsouk was born in the Ukraine and attended the prestigious Lugansk School of Fine Art, and the Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest art training programmes. It was here that Protsouk studied under Evsey Moiseenko, who is a world renowned contemporary of Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso.


City Highlights

By Colin Brown

We are thrilled to unveil Colin’s debut collection of Studio Editions, portraying the dynamic street scenes of city life.

Featuring some of the most revered cities in the world, London, New York, Paris and Venice, Colin’s sophisticated new editions celebrates these international symbols of style and sophistication with his innovative and unique styling.

Heavily influenced by Impressionism, there is vibrancy and energy to Colin’s artwork. His innovative approach to painting encapsulates the looseness of the brushstroke, with the definition of colour and form. Colin likes to make every stroke count and to be seen, as this can give a great sense of movement. There is a sense of layering to the work, with a tapestry of shade and colour that bring the luminous scenes of the city to life.

Atmospheric lighting ensures that positivity radiates from the canvas and each city becomes alive with the freshness of tone and colour. “My work is mostly influenced from the Impressionists, although I like all forms of painting. I love to paint in a way that is free and loose, not being constrained by detail. I want to convey a sense of atmosphere and as if the painting was a fleeting moment in time. I concentrate on the light as being the most important thing within the painting and only adding the detail to knit the scene together, when needed”.

000186 Martin Robson Launch Digital Brochure 1080x1080

Golden Gaze

by Martin Robson

We are thrilled to unveil two new editions from innovative wildlife artist Martin Robson.

Renowned for his stunning photo-realism, Martin often isolates his subject against a striking single colour backdrop, but in these new compositions, he has chosen to present his subject by consuming the entirety of the canvas. The surroundings of his majestic lion and tiger can only be imagined and glimpsed in the reflection of their patriarchal eyes. The intensity of the gaze is all consuming and engages the viewer with an almost hypnotic effect.

Martin’s priority is to capture the unique spirit and intimacy of his subject and consequently, he always paints eyes first in a new composition. He feels that the eyes are the soul of the animal and capturing subtle lighting and colours in the reflections brings the subject to life. The almost cinematic effect of the work is created with acrylics on canvas and Martin’s ambition is to create beautiful quality work with a high level of realism. He works from carefully chosen photographs, that will show off the subject in a bold and interesting way. He is particularly interested in searching out strong lighting and interesting shadows, that adds a level of dynamism to the final piece.

“There is nothing like the satisfaction of creating an original piece of art and putting paint to canvas. The absolute joy of making a mark with a paintbrush and bringing it to life is without parallel.”

000183 Sannib Launch April 22 Digital Brochure 1080x1080


By Sannib

We are delighted to present a stunning new collection of hand embellished Studio Editions by emerging artist Sannib.

Sannib’s show-stopping artworks celebrate a distinguished repertoire of 20th and 21st century iconic figures. The creativity in which he represents familiar faces is both innovative and charming; the classical portrait is abstracted, and an Illusion of layers gives stunning depth to his work.

Sannib is a graduate in graphic design and his background is clearing evident in his creative process. The artwork is sophisticated, and the compositions are both intricate and intriguing. Sannib has developed a unique mixed media style blending graphic elements, painting techniques and textures. He uses several materials and mediums, combined with highly distinctive colourways and avant-garde finishes.

Sannib has a great passion for colourful communication and finds inspiration in both vibrancy and infused lighting. He believes that his colour palette derives from nature’s own colour spectrum, with a focus on” the golden shades of the earth and the inspirational blue shades of the sea and sky”.

We are thrilled to welcome Sannib to the portfolio and believe he is an artist every art collector should take note of in 2022.


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