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Driving Home For Christmas

By Leigh Lambert

Introducing Leigh Lambert's stunning Christmas release, Driving Home for Christmas.

The composition skilfully juxtaposes the comforting warm embrace of family love against the wintry backdrop of a cold, snow-covered street, all masterfully depicted in Leigh's signature style.
This Limited Edition which sparks nostalgia and narrates a universally relatable story, is available on canvas, paper and as a sketch.


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The Coexistence Collection

By Andrei Protsouk

Introducing The Coexistence Collection, the latest series of meticulously hand-embellished studio editions by the exceptionally talented Andrei Protsouk. This collection stands in support of Andrei's Voyage of Coexistence UK Tour, which commences today in Cheshire.

The collection showcases three vibrant canvases: Tango Margaritta, On Guard, and City Sonata, along with a charcoal sketch adaptation of On Guard. Each piece artfully captures Andrei's distinctive style whilst reflecting the playfulness of courtship as couples from various corners of the world engage in deep conversation, lean for a tender kiss, or become entwined in a passionate dance.

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Van Hargen Art

Sasha and Poppy Van Hargen are the 18-year-old twins introducing a revolutionary art form to the luxury contemporary market.

Their innovative style, Digital Mosaic Art, acts as an intersection of traditional mosaic art with a future focused lens. They apply their artistry in equal measure to co-create exquisite statement pieces with visual impact. The collection titled ‘FRACTURED’ depicts a series of vulnerable and endangered animals.

These hyper-realistic portraits are constructed from hand drawn digital mosaic tiles that are meticulously pieced together. This is where the values of contemporary innovation harmoniously connects with its emotive subject matter to enforce an elegant; yet dominating message.

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By Scott Tetlow

Prepare to be moved and inspired by the latest masterpiece from the incredible Scott Tetlow. Brotherhood is a poignant tribute to the brothers in arms, a touching memorial in honour of Remembrance Sunday. Tetlow's iconic fluid style comes to life as he beautifully captures the essence of camaraderie and sacrifice. In this evocative work of art, three figures, linked in arms appear from a field of entwined poppies, an enduring symbol of remembrance and reverence for those who served.

Tetlow's exceptional ability to convey the profound emotions and shared bonds among these individuals through his art makes Brotherhood a truly powerful and thought-provoking composition that speaks volumes about unity and the indomitable spirit of those who have served.

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Cobbled Memories

By Leigh Lambert

Step into Leigh Lambert's latest collection, Cobbled Memories. The new series of Limited Editions transport you to the cobbled streets of childhood, where Lambert's iconic style breathes life into nostalgic scenes of carefree play.

With an expert touch and an eye for detail, Lambert captures the essence of days gone by. Join us in reliving the magic of these cherished moments, beautifully portrayed in this remarkable collection.

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Bollee Patino

Bollee Patino is a contemporary street mix-media artist with a fast-paced practice between hasty motifs and representation of abstract expressionism while fusing graffiti and street elements with more traditional techniques in his acrylic and spray-paint works. Combining screen print stencil work with hand-painted details and a saturated background of bright, eye-popping colour with a vibrant abstract foundation.

His artwork contains layered metaphors of social views while flirting with identity subjects of ego and a sense of self. Often pulling from his graffiti background with influences from underground fashion, skate and hip-hop cultures and other forms of design movements to set a foundation of his infused painting.

Bollee received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design where he leverages this creative process to become the framework of his artwork. With its multilayered metaphors, vibrant colours and bold abstractions, Bollee’s works are a daring, chaotic reflection of the complexity of the inner self.

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70 Glorious Years

By Illuminati Neon

Introducing 70 Glorious Years by Illuminati Neon, a highly anticipated studio edition release. This exceptional collection pays tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II and features two powerful hand-embellished mixed-media editions, each depicting the iconic monarch. What sets these editions apart is their complete uniqueness, meticulously hand-finished in limited editions of 70 in each colour variation – striking black and regal blue.

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New Studio Editions

by Kimberley Harris

Step into a world of natural wonder and artistic mastery with the latest collection by the incredible Kimberley Harris, titled Blossoming Romance. This collection is a testament to Kimberley's extraordinary talent and her ability to capture the timeless beauty of wild floral meadows throughout the ever-changing seasons.

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Wild Wonders

Martin Robson

Introducing Wild Wonders, the latest collection by renowned wildlife artist Martin Robson. These signed limited edition prints showcase two big cats with unparalleled detail and vivid colour. Emerald Gaze draws you into the intense eyes of the majestic feline, while Silent Hunter captures the grace and power of a regal tiger. Robson's intricate detail brings these creatures to life, making these prints a must-have for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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The Magic Tour

By Scott Tetlow

Introducing Scott Tetlow’s new collection, The Magic Tour, inspired by Queen’s iconic European concert tour in 1986. This highly anticipated collection consists of two powerful images, available in Deluxe and Standard Editions. One artwork features the incomparable Freddie Mercury, while the other immortalises the band in all its glory. Tetlow’s captivating and iconic style brings to life the energy and magic of this momentous tour, making it a must-have for art enthusiasts and Queen fans alike.


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Introducing our newest addition to the portfolio, Fezz!

With a background rooted in contemporary art and print studios, Fezz has honed his techniques over many years, resulting in a unique artistic style that merges the iconic elements of twentieth-century Americana with the allure of silver screen glitz and glamour. Inspired by acclaimed artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Peter Max, Fezz skilfully employs bold colours and textures to create captivating artworks that reflect the history and popular culture that profoundly influences him. Leveraging his expertise in screen and digital printing, Fezz breathes new life into timeless images, infusing them with a sense of nostalgia. To add a captivating touch, each piece undergoes a final process: a coating of diamond dust, which bestows a stunningly luminous, three-dimensional finish. Fezz's art is a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend vibrant aesthetics and a profound connection to the past, resulting in a visual experience that is truly captivating.


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By Robert Mars

Introducing Britannia, a captivating duo of studio edition canvas prints by the renowned artist Robert Mars. In this vibrant and dynamic collection, Mars skilfully brings together some of Britain's most iconic pop culture moments, capturing their essence with his distinctive vintage style. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing the spirit of an era, Britannia is a delightful homage to the cultural tapestry of the United Kingdom.


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Lenticular - Why So Serious?

By Sannib

Introducing the highly anticipated release from Sannib, Why So Serious. This extraordinary piece, presented as a lenticular painting, takes viewers on a visual journey like no other. Inspired by the iconic portrayal of Heath Ledger's Joker, Why So Serious showcases the enigmatic character in all his thrilling complexity.

With its meticulously crafted lenticular technique, this artwork offers multiple views that seamlessly transition, revealing new perspectives with every glance, unlocking the intriguing depths of the Joker's psyche. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of artistry that transcends boundaries of artistic boundaries and ignites the imagination


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Collezioni Collection

By Rob Hefferan

Introducing the Collezioni Collection by acclaimed artist Rob Hefferan, a stunning showcase of his diverse body of work that exemplifies the joyous and multifaceted nature of human expression. With limitless imagination and wit, Rob brings forth a collection that captivates and inspires. His innate ability to capture the essence and personality of each subject is showcased with unwavering honesty and integrity.

The Collezioni Collection is a testament to Rob's artistic prowess, offering a captivating journey into the depths of human emotions and experiences. Discover the remarkable beauty that lies within each brushstroke and immerse yourself in the transformative power of art.

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By Hue Folk

Introducing the latest collection of hand embellished studio editions from acclaimed British Urban Pop artist, Hue Folk.

This captivating collection showcases the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stars, rendered in Folk's signature vibrant and chaotic pop art style. Each artwork captures the essence and allure of these iconic figures, infusing them with a dynamic energy that jumps off the canvas.

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Elegance Collection

By Tony Hinchcliffe

For Tony, figurative painting is all about depicting mood and intimacy within a moment, using a loose approach to brushwork and in places strong contrasting values to create the illusion of depth.

Tony pulls inspiration for his alluring dance scenes from the times when he himself was learning to dance, at points attending three to four evening classes a week. From the Argentine Tango lessons to Modern Jive and Rock and Roll. He loved attending the Tango classes which were held on the third floor of a beautiful old Georgian building with all the original interior decorations. It made it feel like he was stepping back into the 1960s; little dark corners with a retired policeman behind the bar reading a newspaper, and of course an old-fashioned snooker hall on the floor below added to the narrative. After a while he would turn up early for his classes with his sketchbook, sketching the dancers around him whilst contemplating how he would decipher this when he came to create the painting. A real-life data collecting experience and opportunity to study his subject.

Modern Jive and Rock and Roll were one of his favourite sessions, a much faster experience dancing to modern music. Tony describes how there were times where the whole room would be entirely in sync, the excitement and anticipation fizzing through their beings. He recalls how at one point everything past, present, and future paused for a moment’s contemplation and then the whole of eternity smiled back at them whilst they revelled in the glow of their newfound freedom. All these beautiful people and their infectious energy, they were like a tribe on a happiness crusade.

Tony would often get home late from his classes and, on occasion, spent time writing honest notes on how the experience made him feel. Planning how, one day, he would create a set of paintings that perfectly depict his memories of these times.

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The Crown

By Ben Jeffery

We are thrilled to unveil Ben Jeffery’s latest masterpiece that celebrates the coronation of King Charles III, titled The Crown. The painting captures the grandeur and majesty of the royal event, portraying the new monarch in his regal attire.

His paintings often depict his subjects in a larger-than-life manner, capturing the essence of his icons, whether they be a historical figure or a timeless celebrity.

Jeffery's iconic use of gold leaf and intricate details brings the scene to life, evoking a sense of awe and reverence for the historic moment. The Crown is a stunning tribute to the new king and a testament to Jeffery's exceptional talent as an artist.

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Crash, Bang, Wallop!

By Leigh Lambert

Taking inspiration from his own upbringing in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Leigh’s artwork has a strong sense of nostalgia, which evokes precious memories of childhood that many of us can relate to.

The Crash Bang Wallop! collection takes us back to a bygone era when playing games on the street and finding new ways to entertain ourselves with ‘found’ items, was an everyday occurrence. We observe moments of joy, as the children create their own fun with a home-made go-cart and the inevitable mischief that was sure to follow once construction was complete and the brakes were off, (if indeed they were ever on!). Leigh’s work reminds us of a different time, of a cultural era that has long since passed and for many, acts as a vestige of wonderful, treasured memories.

Leigh’s technique is painstakingly accurate. He prefers the surface on which he paints to be solid and smooth, and consequently he primes his board six times to achieve the desired finish. Consequently, the surface of his oil paintings is exceptionally refined. Leigh’s colour palette reflects the dark northern tones that have become synonymous with the coal mine towns of the north-east. He works in layers, beginning with the sky, painting from the background to the foreground. His use of colour is minimal, optimistically applying splashes of colour only to the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes. This vibrancy of colour captures the joy and vitality of youth and often denotes symbolism in the work.

Leigh Lambert began winning awards for his work in 2014 and has enjoyed an extraordinarily successful career to date, with countless limited editions collections sold out within weeks of release.

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Born to be Wild

By Joe Galindo

We are thrilled to present the debut studio editions by contemporary wildlife artist Joe Galindo.
Joe spent much of his early twenties travelling. Crossing continents such as Asia and Australia, his travels undoubtedly influenced his painterly style, as he took inspiration from inhospitable jungles to some of the most revered coastlines of the world. He has taken inspiration from the many artists that he has encountered along on the way and enjoyed the privilege of seeing animals in extraordinary habitats on his journey. In 2022, Joe returned home to rekindle his passion for art and began creating paintings to uplift and inspire others.

The key to Galindo’s unique style is the inventive way in which he applies paint to canvas. Unorthodox tools are used to apply pigment, including spoons, nails, and pieces of rubber. He creates depth and texture by using a variety of techniques and applying his chosen medium in a layered fashion. A form of abstraction is created with powerful contemporary colours, used in a loose, energetic style which allows for individual interpretation. The random nature of propelling paint, with a flick of the wrist or a swoosh of the arm creates a uniqueness to every single piece that cannot be replicated and gives his work a keen sense of energy and movement. In the colourful portrayal of each animal, Joe attempts to express his own emotion and sentiment, thus building a connection with the viewer. To add impact, he places each charismatic subject out of context, against a solid, serene background that contrasts with its painterly expressionism and in doing so highlights the eyes and patterns of the body.

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Legends On Reflection

By Ben Jeffery

Following on from the success of his previous releases, Ben Jeffrey has created Legends Upon Reflection, a collection of studio editions which celebrates familiar faces from popular culture of the last seventy years.

This new series features the screen legend Audrey Hepburn, alongside heroes of the music industry Freddie Mercury and Liam Gallagher. Each captivating artwork represents an extraordinary homage to the icon that Ben has chosen to portray. A distinctive feature of the range is the stylish addition of sunglasses, which offers a reflection of a pivotal moment that charts their individual path to success and cult status. With his distinctive approach, Ben renders these familiar faces somehow unfamiliar with his unusual colour palette and striking Champagne gold leaf embellishment. This leaf is applied by hand to each edition, which offers a uniqueness to every piece, and suggests a sense of wealth and luxury afforded by his subjects.

In his portraiture Ben strives to get a strong likeness, but at the same time being aware that I don't want the painting to look too perfect, “I find being able to see the paintings process and layered brushstrokes in the artwork makes it more interesting to the viewer,” he says. Ben’s innovative approach brings something completely new to his modern interpretations and sets his portraits apart from those of his contemporaries.

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Reministered Series

By Linda Charles

We are delighted to present the new collection by Linda Charles ReMinistered, a collection of original paintings inspired by the Ministry of Sound, the home of dance music that emerged in the early 1990s.
Linda has been excited about embarking on this project for some time and has embraced all eras of Ministry sound within the collection, focusing on a balance between ‘Anthems’, ‘Chill’ and ‘Ibiza’. Planning, designing, and painting the range has been a nostalgic journey for her, and it goes without saying that Linda’s studio has been alive and kicking with tracks of the immortal dance music.

“For some it’s just the music, for others (including me!) the jaded memories of strolling out into the early morning light from the old disused bus garage in south London which became the iconic Ministry of Sound nightclub or feeling a wraparound warmth remembering those distant memories of watching the sun come up over Ibiza. “

Linda Charles is renowned for fusing the nostalgia of vintage book covers with a back catalogue of iconic song titles and lyrics. Her signature collections have highlighted Linda’s dexterity with a paintbrush and has afforded her high praise amongst her contemporaries.

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Louise Fairchild

Dancing Shadows

Louise Fairchild predominantly paints on a large scale and creates a wonderful, serene texture with her technique of manoeuvring oil across the canvas. She uses metallic pigment in the under layers to ensure that the light is captured as it changes during the day. Multiple layers of translucent glaze are applied as a finishing touch, which offers a luxurious, reflective luminosity that reminds us of warm summer days at the water’s edge.

Louise has completed many highly prized commissions for distinguished corporations including British Airways, Barclays Bank, The Home Office, Fortnum and Mason, Bloomsbury Publishing, Boots the Chemist, Blass Wine Estates, Random House Publishing, Woolwich Building Society and Marks and Spencer. She also been commissioned to paint portraits of board directors for such companies such as Sainsburys and Price Waterhouse Cooper, as well as other prominent business and government figures.

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Bad Behaviour

By Brad Robson

We are delighted to welcome Australian artist Brad Robson to the portfolio with his formidable portraits of pop-culture icons, painted in an expressionistic style with an unpredictable edge.

Brad divides his time working out of his studio in Sydney and participating in residencies and exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States and is fast building a reputation as one of the most exciting painters on the contemporary art scene.

Metropolis, pop culture and the human psyche are central themes in Robson’s work. His signature style consists of an intense mixture of street, pop, and abstract art and his strokes are fast, free and capture a sense of restless urgency. His creative process experiments with the finished and the unfinished, creation and de-construction. As it appears as though a piece is close to completion, the painterly face on the canvas is artistically assaulted as the final act in the studio performance. Erasing squeegee strokes disfigure his chosen icon and in doing so, Robson transforms them into something new, something more. It is an instinctive act that is powerful, irreversible and a once only event.

For Robson, art should be spontaneous and part of an unrestrictive process; where the artwork takes over and defines for itself the beginning and the end. His portraits blur the lines between figuration and abstraction. Faces lose their recognisable identities and become abstracted; transmitting a universal message with which the viewer can identify. By damaging immortal, ‘unchanging pop-exteriors’, Robson gives a glimpse of what has been lost. He believes his faces are snapshots evoking a moment in time, “a thought on what it means to be present”. To every pop-culture icon he paints, he gives back an essence of truth and immediacy that have been long since been lost. He believes his work changes the unchangeable, and makes it immediate, bringing it so close that we can almost reach out and touch it. As a result, Robson’s paintings seem to breathe and have a magical aura about them.

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Original Sketches

By Michael Abrams

Michael’s new collection of originals displays all the familiar characteristics of a style that has won him a dedicated following. With a new departure in technique, the range has a fresh tone and elegance, whilst conveying the delicacies of studies beautifully. There is a looseness to the style that is gestural and offers the viewer the opportunity to fill in the detail with their imagination.

Michael has used sketches as a means of exploring ideas for his larger pieces for years. They act as a kind of sounding board to experiment with composition, form, and balance, and he loves the idea of sharing the journey of his work from inception to completion with his collectors.

There is an overwhelming sense of love in these charming images. Hope and positivity radiates from the paper, in these captured moments of affection and friendship. Uplifting and inspirational, we are invited to celebrate the best things in life and treasure the love around us…no matter in what shape that love comes in!


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