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Linda Charles

Introducing the eagerly awaited RE-BOND series by Linda Charles. This collection is a tribute to Linda's profound admiration for the iconic movie franchise and its encompassing elements such as literature and music. Linda has skilfully crafted a mesmerising compilation of 25 distinct artworks, capturing pivotal moments spanning the franchise's 60-year legacy. True to Linda Charles' signature style, these pieces offer a fusion of retro aesthetics with a contemporary twist. Limited to just 45 editions per Studio Edition, each artwork is a testament to Linda's artistic finesse and dedication.

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Wild Hearts

New Joe Galindo

Introducing Joe Galindo's newest collection of Studio Editions, Wild Hearts. The series spotlights three undeniably wild souls: a chimpanzee, a tiger, and a great white shark. Each creature is brought to life in Joe's expressive and colourful abstract style, magnifying the unique personality of these remarkable animals.

Through his art, Galindo aims to evoke emotion and establish a connection with viewers and this latest series is the perfect example of that.


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Jean Picton's 90 Years Collection

New Digital Collection

Jean's life has been a tapestry woven with reinventions and adventure. This 90-piece collection serves as a vibrant celebration of Jean, each piece capturing a glimpse of her illustrious 90 years.

Jean didn't attain her BA in Fine Art until the remarkable age of 70 and for years, she had been crafting mesmerising abstract floral pieces on canvas. However, it was only recently that she embraced a fresh challenge, delving into the realm of digital art. The inspiration struck during a visit to a David Hockney exhibition in 2015, where Jean and her art class marvelled at Hockney's extensive collection of floral masterpieces, all created on his iPad.

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Urban Geisha Paper Series

The Trunk of Funk

We're excited to introduce the inaugural Paper Series by the remarkable Gareth Tristan Evans, also known as The Trunk of Funk. This new collection pays homage to his renowned Urban Geisha collection, which reflects Gareth's diverse influences and fascination with materials, offering contemporary interpretations of traditional Geisha motifs.

The artwork is printed onto 300 gram Fine Art Paper using the Giclee process, incorporating a broad spectrum of colours. Each of the captivating artworks are then adorned with Italian 24 Carat Gold Leaf, sourced from a renowned Italian master house known for crafting the finest quality pure Gold Leaf. Each comes with its own certification, ensuring its authenticity and superior quality.

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Sannib's Spring Collection

New Mixed Media

Introducing the highly anticipated release from Sannib, Why So Serious. This extraordinary piece, presented as a lenticular painting, takes viewers on a visual journey like no other. Inspired by the iconic portrayal of Heath Ledger's Joker, Why So Serious showcases the enigmatic character in all his thrilling complexity.

With its meticulously crafted lenticular technique, this artwork offers multiple views that seamlessly transition, revealing new perspectives with every glance, unlocking the intriguing depths of the Joker's psyche. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of artistry that transcends boundaries of artistic boundaries and ignites the imagination

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Ben Payne's Debut Studio Edition Collection

New Series

We are excited to introduce Ben Payne's inaugural Studio Edition collection. This exclusive release features three exquisite hand-embellished oil prints, each intricately depicting serene and picturesque coastal landscapes.

With over two decades of professional painting experience, Ben's journey as a self-taught artist has been remarkable. Prior to dedicating himself fully to his craft, he found fulfilment as a Behavioural Therapist specialising in Autism. However, his passion for painting ultimately led him to pursue his artistic calling. Ben currently operates from his studio situated near the southern coastline, drawing inspiration from his travels across the UK and beyond.

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Shades of Colour

By Ben Jeffery

Step into the enchanting world of Hollywood glamour with two of the most iconic leading ladies ever to grace the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Ben Jeffery brings the duo to life in his distinctive artistic style, adorned in champagne gold leaf. Set against Audrey's signature Tiffany Blue and Marilyn's vibrant Hot Pink, these stunning Shades of Colour provide the perfect backdrop for these timeless stars.

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Infinite Harmony

By Chuck

Introducing the captivating new addition to Chuck's artistic repertoire,
Infinite Harmony.

This mesmerising piece reflects Chuck's profound appreciation for both the Baroque and Renaissance periods, seamlessly intertwined with his passion for avant-garde fashion. Delicately rendered in Chuck's distinctive urban floral aesthetic, Infinite Harmony features two female profiles adorned with a vibrant array of electric pinks and opulent gold foil accents.

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Spring Collection

By Leigh Lambert

Take a stroll down memory lane with Leigh Lambert's newest Limited Edition collection, stepping back onto the charming cobbled streets of nostalgia. Within this collection, two heart warming narratives unfold...

Can We Buy It? captures a young boy's wistful gaze at a flame-painted truck in a shop window, strolling alongside his father. Meanwhile, Break for a Flake portrays a familiar scene of neighbourhood camaraderie, with children eagerly queuing for their favourite ice cream from the ice cream van. Each piece is available in Paper, Canvas, or Sketch editions, with exclusive Artist Proofs also on offer.

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Introducing Jo Starkey

New Artist!

We are excited to announce the addition of Jo Starkey to our artist line-up! Originally from the East Midlands with a rich artistic heritage, Jo's journey began with a childhood passion for dance and a deep love for nature, nurtured in the countryside. After pursuing diverse interests, including art and secretarial studies, Jo found her creative haven in Sussex in 2003.

With her own studio, Jo flourished as an artist, showcasing her work globally. Inspired by nature's beauty, she employs acrylics and mixed media, layering textures with hints of gold and silver. Her vibrant compositions, often guided by her keen eye for colour and captured moments, evoke a contemporary yet ethereal essence of the natural world.

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Magic Moments

By Amy Louise

Today’s little moments, become tomorrow’s precious memories.

Rooted in love and standing side by side, the flamingo family of four symbolises the perfect mix of love and chaos that defines family life. Connected by heart and filled with beautiful blessings.

Whether your family is complete or still growing, this captivating painting conveys a poignant message: embrace the magic within every fleeting moment.

DM Email Social 3

Introducing Daniel Mernagh

New Artist

We are thrilled to announce that the incredible Daniel Mernagh has joined our team of artists.

Daniel’s striking statement pieces demonstrate a profound social commentary on the popular culture of the early 21st century.

His evolution as an artist was far from conventional; having started life as a graffiti writer, he went on to study Graphic Design and Electronic Media, and gradually moved into the area of fine art where he has now built an enviable reputation. He has always experimented with different mediums and is currently exploring a combination of digital, acrylic, watercolour and ink.

Leander 1

Introducing Leander

New Artist

Introducing the incredible Leander Contemporary Art. Leander is an exciting fusion of urban grit and the romanticised soul of everyday city life. This unique range of art draws inspiration from the seemingly drab and rainy streets of urban landscapes, where the dullness of rain transforms into a vivid tapestry of warmth, illuminated by the city's glowing lights, the presence of people, and the captivating reflections dancing on wet pavements.

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ReImagined Pulp Collection

Linda Charles

Introducing the ReImagined Pulp Collection by the incredibly talented Linda Charles. Join us in rediscovering Linda's iconic Pulp series, now infused with a modern and unique twist. The collection features six exquisite Studio Editions, each embodying Linda's retro aesthetic and celebrating the harmonious blend of music and art.

Amy Louise Social 1

Wild & Wonderful

Amy Louise

Introducing Wild & Wonderful, he newest assortment of limited edition Giclée prints crafted by the extraordinary Amy Louise. This collection exuberantly celebrates Amy's ever growing family of animals, each brought to life in her distinctive style, featuring vibrant colours and expressions brimming with personality.

Amy’s ability to capture the funny, almost, human like qualities of each animal she paints is unrivalled - you’re sure to find your match within this unique collection of paper editions.

Each print is lovingly hand embossed with a heart and signed by the Amy.

Lambert Sculpture 1

Debut Sculpture Launch

Leigh Lambert

Introducing Leigh Lambert's debut sculpture collection, an eagerly awaited release that signifies a milestone in his artistic journey. Sculpture is a realm Leigh has been eager to explore for quite some time, and now the moment has arrived. Starting today, Thursday, 30th November, the sculptures will be available for pre-order. However, please note that they will not be ready for delivery until the spring of 2024

The collection brings Leigh's beloved characters to life in a captivating three-dimensional form. This new artistic venture allows for an intimate exploration of familiar faces that have resonated with audiences in his previous works, infusing them with a fresh vibrancy.

LL Social Email 01

Driving Home For Christmas

By Leigh Lambert

Introducing Leigh Lambert's stunning Christmas release, Driving Home for Christmas.

The composition skilfully juxtaposes the comforting warm embrace of family love against the wintry backdrop of a cold, snow-covered street, all masterfully depicted in Leigh's signature style.
This Limited Edition which sparks nostalgia and narrates a universally relatable story, is available on canvas, paper and as a sketch.


AndreiProt Nov23 01

The Coexistence Collection

By Andrei Protsouk

Introducing The Coexistence Collection, the latest series of meticulously hand-embellished studio editions by the exceptionally talented Andrei Protsouk. This collection stands in support of Andrei's Voyage of Coexistence UK Tour, which commences today in Cheshire.

The collection showcases three vibrant canvases: Tango Margaritta, On Guard, and City Sonata, along with a charcoal sketch adaptation of On Guard. Each piece artfully captures Andrei's distinctive style whilst reflecting the playfulness of courtship as couples from various corners of the world engage in deep conversation, lean for a tender kiss, or become entwined in a passionate dance.

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Van Hargen Art

Sasha and Poppy Van Hargen are the 18-year-old twins introducing a revolutionary art form to the luxury contemporary market.

Their innovative style, Digital Mosaic Art, acts as an intersection of traditional mosaic art with a future focused lens. They apply their artistry in equal measure to co-create exquisite statement pieces with visual impact. The collection titled ‘FRACTURED’ depicts a series of vulnerable and endangered animals.

These hyper-realistic portraits are constructed from hand drawn digital mosaic tiles that are meticulously pieced together. This is where the values of contemporary innovation harmoniously connects with its emotive subject matter to enforce an elegant; yet dominating message.

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By Scott Tetlow

Prepare to be moved and inspired by the latest masterpiece from the incredible Scott Tetlow. Brotherhood is a poignant tribute to the brothers in arms, a touching memorial in honour of Remembrance Sunday. Tetlow's iconic fluid style comes to life as he beautifully captures the essence of camaraderie and sacrifice. In this evocative work of art, three figures, linked in arms appear from a field of entwined poppies, an enduring symbol of remembrance and reverence for those who served.

Tetlow's exceptional ability to convey the profound emotions and shared bonds among these individuals through his art makes Brotherhood a truly powerful and thought-provoking composition that speaks volumes about unity and the indomitable spirit of those who have served.

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Cobbled Memories

By Leigh Lambert

Step into Leigh Lambert's latest collection, Cobbled Memories. The new series of Limited Editions transport you to the cobbled streets of childhood, where Lambert's iconic style breathes life into nostalgic scenes of carefree play.

With an expert touch and an eye for detail, Lambert captures the essence of days gone by. Join us in reliving the magic of these cherished moments, beautifully portrayed in this remarkable collection.

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Bollee Patino

Bollee Patino is a contemporary street mix-media artist with a fast-paced practice between hasty motifs and representation of abstract expressionism while fusing graffiti and street elements with more traditional techniques in his acrylic and spray-paint works. Combining screen print stencil work with hand-painted details and a saturated background of bright, eye-popping colour with a vibrant abstract foundation.

His artwork contains layered metaphors of social views while flirting with identity subjects of ego and a sense of self. Often pulling from his graffiti background with influences from underground fashion, skate and hip-hop cultures and other forms of design movements to set a foundation of his infused painting.

Bollee received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design where he leverages this creative process to become the framework of his artwork. With its multilayered metaphors, vibrant colours and bold abstractions, Bollee’s works are a daring, chaotic reflection of the complexity of the inner self.

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70 Glorious Years

By Illuminati Neon

Introducing 70 Glorious Years by Illuminati Neon, a highly anticipated studio edition release. This exceptional collection pays tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II and features two powerful hand-embellished mixed-media editions, each depicting the iconic monarch. What sets these editions apart is their complete uniqueness, meticulously hand-finished in limited editions of 70 in each colour variation – striking black and regal blue.

Harris Social Email 01

New Studio Editions

by Kimberley Harris

Step into a world of natural wonder and artistic mastery with the latest collection by the incredible Kimberley Harris, titled Blossoming Romance. This collection is a testament to Kimberley's extraordinary talent and her ability to capture the timeless beauty of wild floral meadows throughout the ever-changing seasons.


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