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Debut Collection

By Neil Carroll

We are delighted to welcome Neil Carroll to our portfolio of artists and it is a privilage to support his artistic journey... Enjoy Neil's debut collection.

'I am a self-taught painter from London. My wish to become a painter was always blocked by real-life commitments but the desire never left me. With the required time now available I am pursuing this ambition, painting in oils since 2011, full time since 2017. My work is collected worldwide.

I am a Daily Painter with the goal to create a painting every day. I don't try to paint what is in front of me, I try to paint something with atmosphere and interest based on the subject. I remove as much detail as possible and paint as broadly as my mood allows.'

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Stunning Studio Editions

By Alison Johnson

Alison’s superb sea and skyscapes have been reproduced to an unprecedented standard. This premier collection is mixed media ‘Studio Editions’. Hand produced canvas editions are embellished and enhanced with oil paints and varnishes to create a unique edition with no two the same.

Based on Alison’s stunning originals these six editions produced to only 45 copies with 10 artist proofs are beautiful in both reproduction and composition, offering the collector a unique opportunity to share in Alison’s original canvas and to enjoy the vibrancy, texture, and originality of her individual style. These stunning Studio editions have a framed RRP of £595.

With the launch of these exciting studio editions, we are proud with the growth and investment opportunity within Alison's original artworks. Below is the list of Alison's new 2021 original Sea and Skyscape prices.
36 x 46cm - RRP £795 - - 30 x 76cm - RRP £995
61 x 61cm - RRP £1,195 - - 40x101cm - RRP £1,295
76x76cm - RRP £1,395


Paperback Series

By Linda Charles

We are delighted to announce Linda Charles' new paperback series.

A stunning collection of hand-coloured pigment prints with an exclusive edition size of 25 worldwide. Embracing her love of dangerous women, sci-fi temptresses and detective pulp fiction Linda Charles has produced a range of artwork sympathetic to the 50s and 60s.

Image Size: 46 x 64cm
Overall Framed Size: 74x92cm
Edition Size: 25
RRP: £595

Available to Order Now.



By Inuka

We are delighted to introduce Inuka's double-sided panel artworks, beautifully combining art and engineering.

I began the process by choosing 5 sizes, measuring up different lengths of wood to keep it interesting then cut the wood to create the double-sided panels. I wanted to ensure there was also a focus on texture and so I built up the first layers being quite liberal with the amount of paint and pattern used to add depth. As I then started to work on the elements of the design I made sure to create overlaps and interactions between each layer with the intention of emulating that 'worked over' feel of the graffiti walls that inspired the pieces in the first place. I find the concept that art can be changed by those who love it as well as those who create it quite fun and different, that art doesn't have to be placed on a wall to be looked at and never touched.


Stunning Studio Editions

by Jaanika Talts

We are delighted to introduce a stunning collection of studio edition prints by Jaanika Talts.

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to release our most progressive and illustrious hand embellished studio editions to date. Using gels and pigments, each edition has been lovingly embellished to create an impasto detail that is unequalled. Each canvas is individual and unique and even on close inspection, is as close to a genuine original Jaanika Talts as it is possible to get.

These very special editions are limited to just 45 worldwide and are expected to sell-out, so order now to avoid disappointment.

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Frank Pretorius

New Artist Alert

We are extremely delighted to introduce you all to Frank Pretorius

Franks's stunning new oils are now live on our website.

Price points for original oils are RRP: £2295 - £4995

Please email to register your interest in his new series.

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Michael Abrams

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

We are delighted to introduce Michael Abram's new and exclusive ‘Ted' Limited Edition Prints.

"Fall in love with someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure.”

Edition Size: 14 Worldwide

RRP £495

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David Cressman

New Artist Alert

We are delighted to welcome David Cressman to our portfolio.

He describes himself as “an atmospheric landscape painter”, and as such, the real subject of all his paintings is light. He seeks to capture the most dramatic moments of sunlight and shadow on the urban landscape. His favoured compositional elements are buildings in conjunction with the reflection of light on water and the fine balance between the vertical and horizontal lines brings a sense of equilibrium and elegance to each work.

David has had work exhibited and sold in galleries in the UK and Overseas, and has received a number of awards, including the honour of a Jury’s Top 50 award at the prestigious Salon International Show in Texas and First Place in the Crossroads Mixed Media Juried Show in Richmond, Virginia.

"I am really excited to be joining Buckingham Fine Arts as they enter a new era. I hope you all enjoy my opening collection" - David Cressman.

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Love In Time Square

By Andrei Protsouk

Capturing the hub of the Broadway Theater District and the magic of Manhattan, with over 50 million visitors annually, we are delighted to announce Andrei Protsouk's stunning new studio edition.

'Love In Times Square'

 With an edition size of 45, framed in a deluxe antique ornate moulding each edition is hand-embellished with raised impasto and pigment making each piece totally unique. A beautiful companion to hang alongside Andrei's sell-out limited edition 'Avenue of the Hearts'.
Available to order now.

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New Collection

Aziz Sulaymanov is one of the leading artists in Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1986 in Kyrgyz Republic, Osh region. Aziz started sketching at a young age, and discovered his love for painting during his early days at school.

After graduating from a tailored art academy, Aziz moved to Saint-Petersburg Russia to further his skills; learning from leading Russian Artists, Nikolay Evdokimov and Tuman Jumanaev. He then became a member of the Russian Artists Unit and worked for several years developing his artistic style and refining his unique technique.

Over the past few years, Aziz has had private views in Russia, China, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Aziz paintings are now adorning walls in homes all over the world.

I am extremely happy to be represented by Buckingham Fine Art and look forward to an exciting future with them.


Stunning Studio Editions

Kimberley Harris

We are delighted to introduce a stunning collection of studio edition prints by Kimberley Harris.

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to release our most progressive and illustrious hand embellished studio edition to date. Using gels and pigments, each edition has been lovingly embellished to create an impasto detail that is unequalled. Each canvas is individual and unique and even on close inspection, is as close to a genuine original Kimberley Harris as it is possible to get.

These very special editions are limited to just 45 worldwide and are expected to sell-out rapidly, so order now to avoid disappointment.

LL Corrie 1

Celebrating 60 Years of Corrie

By Leigh Lambert


As life on the cobbles races towards celebrating its sixth decade, ITV Studios is proud to reveal Newcastle artist Leigh Lambert’s iconic artwork illustrating life ‘On the Cobbles’ over the decades.

The main image sees Coronation Street recreated in Leigh’s signature style and dusted with ghosts of the past alongside figures of the present. Nods to well-loved characters are identifiable amidst the infamous cobbles and smoky chimneys, both showing the beating heart of Tony Warren’s idea about a ‘little back street in Salford’ which became the longest-running continuing drama in the world.

The three sketches which accompany the collection also give hint to perhaps the greatest ‘Love Story’ the street has ever known, the most famous pigeons (‘They Always Come Home’) and of course the opening scene of the first ever episode (Our Kid’s Up Shop).

Reflecting on creating the images Leigh says: "It was a real honour to be invited to produce such a momentous tribute. Visiting the set earlier this year I got to experience the real sense of history these iconic buildings and cobbles have and it’s obvious how the endless list of characters who have ‘lived’ in them and walked on them are permanently in the great British psyche.

Being part of ‘Corrie’s 60th is really exciting and a true honour, I hope everybody enjoys seeing the pictures as much as I have creating them”.



By Martin Robson

We are delighted to introduce 'Wildcats' the new limited edition collection by Martin Robson.

Martin is the modern master of photorealistic animal portraiture, specializing in wildlife art and wild cats.

Giclée on Box Canvas
Edition Size: 45 Worldwide

'Yala' - 76 x 100cm - RRP £895
'Amur Tiger' - 76 x 76cm - RRP £795
'Mesmerised' - 76 x 76cm - RRP £795


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