Sam Cover

New Collection

By Samantha Greenhill

We are delighted to share with you Samantha Greenhill's beautiful original Charcoal Collection.

Charcoal is one of the oldest drawing mediums known to man. Cave drawings using it can be found all over the world dating back as far as 28,000 years, showing what a lasting medium it really is!

"I have always admired the sensitivity and drama that can be created by a drawing using charcoal and have been inspired by many artists work. Until recently I only used it to work out compositions for larger pastel pieces. While looking back over some old studies I came to realise that these pieces have a power and presence of their own and so I decided to spend some time really experimenting with the medium and found that I loved every minute and the results it produced.

The immediacy of line and the rich tonal values as well as an ability to erase and use negative shapes allows me to capture a real feeling of light and texture within a piece. In my opinion these dramatic, rich marks create some really expressive paintings that have a timeless elegance and power."

Studio Editions FC AW

Studio Editions Catalogue

Virtual Catalogue

We are delighted to share with you our new Studio Editions Collection brochure.

Featuring an eclectic range of hand-signed, small exclusive editions, the signature range is beautifully hand embellished using a variety of painterly techniques, which offers a unique element to every single collectable piece.

Luxurious and distinctive, the collection is ideal for the discerning art collector and combines the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting.

Offer your clients the opportunity to enjoy fabulous exclusive artwork in their homes and contact the team to secure your Studio Editions.


Dale Bowen - New Limited Edition Collection

Meet George, Poppy and Jip

We are delighted to introduce Dale Bowen's charming new collection.

Dale's playful limited editions, bring a brand new horizon and are packed with colour and love.

Meet 'George, Poppy and Jip'; a loveable pair and their furry friend.

Every doorway opens into a fantasy land; whether it's a City full of lights, Cliff Top Houses by the sea or where the love simply glows long into the night. Explore the wonderful world of Dale Bowen.

ALE016 Ostrich 61 X 61 Cms Celestial Blue

Fun In The Tub

by Amy Louise

We are delighted to present the new edition by Amy Louise Fun in the Tub. Amy characters, style and colour palette makes her work instantly recognisable, and she has established a considerable following on the contemporary art scene.

Fun in the tub features a family of four ostriches enjoying some much-loved bubbly bath time - the most fun part of the day! For Amy, it is, “a time for our imagination to really run wild, as we make bubble beards and hair into whippy ice creams as well as the obvious catching fish, pretending to be a dolphin and the bathtub becoming an infamous pirate ship!”

The characters that Amy portrays are as amusing as they are adorable! We are encouraged to create the characters in our mind, guided by the look in their eyes as they stare back at us! She offers only a glimpse of the personality of this eccentric family, and as she illustrates them in enchanting acts of colour and form, we are left to imagine the rest! There is a magical quality to the work that ensures that a smile is guaranteed every time, and therein lies the charm of Amy’s work - artwork that brings joy and a ‘feel good factor’.

Kim Studio

Summer Splendour

By Kimberley Harris

We are delighted to announce the release of a powerful new collection of hand-embellished Studio Editions by Kimberley Harris.

The triptych celebrates warm summer days and introduces a new landscape profile to her limited edition range. Quintessentially Kimberley, each image radiates with emotion and ambience. The mood is overwhelmingly positive, with bright and uplifting skies. An explosion of colour is embodied in the flowers, which rhythmically sway in the foreground, and fuse with the calm, illustrious backdrop to create a scene that encapsulates the wonderful British summer landscape.

Seasons by Kimberley Harris received a fabulous reception earlier this year, and we anticipate that Summer Splendour will be equally warmly received, therefore we would encourage you to secure your editions early and ensure that your clients have the opportunity to add to their collection.

Nigel Co

Nigel Cooke

City Living

City Living by Nigel Cooke - The intense colours and dramatic textural juxtapositions displayed in the work of Nigel Cooke have established him as the quintessential artist of the cityscape genre.
Nigel traveled extensively around the world as a caricature artist, and these travels inspired him to begin painting, elevating his illustrative style into fine art and creating his unique vision of the urban landscape onto the canvas.

Nigel’s unmistakable style has clearly been influenced by Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock and his distinctive drip paint technique. At first glance, it may look like a simplistic approach, but in fact, it is a remarkably complex form of paint application that requires a great deal of practice and control. The legacy of Pollock has been translated into visionary contemporary cityscapes at the hands of Nigel Cooke, as he creates beautifully textured scenes that have intricate, layered details. This layering is an important aspect of Nigel’s work: the layers create a surface patternation that is independent of its subject matter, and this allows the eye to travel freely across the canvas which offers both a remarkable sense of depth and a certain serenity to the work.

The fluidity of the paint juxtaposed with the rigidity of the buildings fuse together to create cityscapes that are vibrant, striking, and dynamic. The mood and ambiance of the city are captured beautifully; the energy of city life radiates from the canvas, and the accuracy of the iconic architecture is secondary to the vibe of the hustle and bustle of the iconic cities that Nigel portrays.

Chuck Cover


By Chuck

"I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to design a collection that clearly diversifies the last. Taking inspiration from Warhol and making the best use of the British summer I aimed to create something that is vibrant and catches the eye but also stays true to the shock value I wish to upkeep.

Most of my initial design is a mix of sketches and digital manipulation, the use of colour is the overriding factor for me, digital design work allows me to experiment further and develop new concepts. I’m aiming for colours that visually impact, sunburst, neon, electric. The final layer to each piece is spots of colour using fine spray/mist techniques which harmonises with the main skull colour."


Beautiful Studio Editions

By Tony Hinchliffe

We are delighted to present a collection of new Studio Editions by figurative virtuoso Tony Hinchliffe. These powerful figurative masterpieces honour the beauty of the female form and celebrate femininity in all its glory. Tony’s command of light and shadow is beautifully exemplified in these works, and he creates an atmosphere of romance, passion and mystery with his delicate brushstrokes.

The narrative is ambiguous, and the viewer is allowed to contemplate the captured scene for themselves. All that is certain is that we are witness to an intimate moment, as we feel the anticipation pulsate in the air. A story is about to unfold, the ending is uncertain, but we wait patiently….

Each edition in the range is hand signed by the artist, with an exclusive edition of only 45. Beautifully hand embellished, employing a variety of painterly techniques, these collections are both luxurious and distinctive, and ideal for the discerning art collector. These faithful representations combine the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting and offer a unique element to every single collectable edition.

Cover Scott

Scott Tetlow

New Collection

We are delighted to introduce Scott Tetlow's new Limited Edition Collection.

Scott Tetlow’s stunning new collection features our favourite Urban Monkey. Distinctive of the urban pop movement, Scott’s style is both innovative and iconic, and whether the subject be animal or architecture, it is instantly recognisable and very much a style of his own. Scott lived in Taiwan for a time and his studies of calligraphy have greatly influenced his work. Chinese calligraphy is valued as ‘high art’, both for the beauty of its aesthetic form and and it’s ability to express the inner beauty of the soul and spirit. Often, Chinese painters will say they are “writing a painting” and this is a concept that continues to shape Scott’s work to this day.

Through his love of calligraphy, Scott has developed a form of painting that is linear and yet absent of the constraints of calligraphy. Instead, it is imbued with a sense of freedom of movement, that is balanced and contained in a considered composition. This movement adds to the illusion of life and spirit. There is a confidence of line, a strength in the flow of creation that adds to the energy of the artwork.

Leigh Brochure

Summer Collection

By Leigh Lambert

We are delighted to introduce Leigh Lambert's Summer Collection.

'He Always Gets More than Me' and 'What Do You Like Best, Grandad or Chips'

Two stunning limited edition prints, now available to order in Paper, Sketch, Canvas and Canvas Deluxe.

Andrei Cover

New Limited Edition Collection

By Andrei Protsouk

We are delighted to introduce Andrei Protsouk'sbeautiful new Limited Edition collection.

Like the first note of a music composer sitting at a piano, Andrei develops his symphony on paper with the first line he draws. Black and white studies are important for the artist to develop into the creative process. In the end, it is those initial ideas that are transferred to the canvas and give birth to the final painting.

"I have to think about my paintings as a construction process and the drawings are the blueprints to my ideas and the images in my head. A lot of the time the studies themselves become incredible works of art too. In the case of these drawing studies, I really want the viewer to begin to understand my creative process and how I create the paintings from my black and white drawings."

Since Andrei was a young artist he was always infatuated with bold black lines and their elegance. He loves using charcoal to accentuate the subjects in his drawings and using the shading of the pencil to create the tone in each piece. Andrei then uses ink to define each line and style that you can notice in all of his works.

AJ 1

New Studio Editions

By Alison Johnson

Following the overwhelming success of the debut collection of Studio Editions by Alison Johnson, we are delighted to announce the release of a new series of limited editions that features new colourways and introduces a new landscape profile to her range.  

Alison's atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive, and her craft is driven by a desire to encapsulate the atmosphere and emotion of a place.  With a nod to the impressionist painters, her work has been likened to the great masters of our time and the Turneresque overtones are apparent. Alison’s seascapes follow a long-standing tradition which have been modernized with a painterly contemporary styling. She combines the power of light with the energy of water to reveal the abstract, almost surreal character of the natural world.  

Ephemeral and evocative, Alison creates a sense of movement through colour, light, and balance. Colours sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist. The sky appears deep and brooding, the colours revealing a darkness that battles with the flashes of light. When shapes reveal themselves through the hazy glow, they appear lost against the infinite space of the world around. There is an overriding sense of wonder to Alison’s work, and the atmospheric compositions are complimented by her breath-taking use of tone and colour. 

With editions from the first collection sold out or in low inventory, we would encourage a significant pre-order to enable your clients to add to their existing collection, and to have the opportunity to showcase these stunning hand-embellished editions in your gallery. 

Jessie Cover

Debut Studio Edition

By Jessie Foakes

We are delighted to introduce Jessie Foakes debut studio edition collection. Jessie has a wonderful naive approach to painting. Her relationship with paint is a spontaneous one, and there is a sense of freedom and movement in the texture of her chosen subject. The sculptural quality of her work is rich and luxurious, and this is juxtaposed with the simplicity of the subject. Here lies the essence of Jessie’s style and the joy of her work; she chooses well-known characters or everyday icons and approaches them with a new fresh vision, offering an interpretation that is both stylistically unique and endearing. Bold, unstructured and energised, Jessie’s work has a magical quality that offers the viewer an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and imprints the feel-good factor!

Born and raised in Essex, Jessie has established herself as a prominent tattoo artist in her hometown, and whilst she has spent many years dabbling on and off with the paintbrush, it was only recently that she made the monumental transition of taking her painterly visions from skin to canvas. Jessie’s passion for painting is obvious and she is loving experimenting with new characters, colours, and themes. From a collector’s point of view, emotionally investing in an artist with this kind of approach to painting presents a truly exciting future - never knowing where the paintbrush, the subject matter, and the character interpretations will lead.

PR Cover


By Paul Wright

Paul Wright is a British painter who studied at the distinguished Falmouth College of Art. He is renowned for portrait painting through the UK and endeavours to capture the true essence of his subject, bringing it to life through his collaboration of paint and canvas.

The brushstroke is prevailing in Paul’s compositions. It is dynamic and powerful, and every stroke is significant, commanding the space on the canvas of which it occupies. There is no blurring or softening of stroke, there is only a mesh of distinctive and often contrasting colour. This intensity is delicately balanced, so as not to overshadow the subject that it seeks to portray.

Stylistically, there are elements of both impressionism and cubism at play in the work as Paul seeks to portrays the personality of his muse. His repertoire of 21st-century icons are often captured at the height of their celebrity heyday and the style that epitomises Paul’s work ensures that his muses are both timeless and ageless. There is a freshness to the subject, even though we are aware that some are depicted in their advanced years, when the silkiness of youth has long gone - this is both a highly desirable aspect of the work and a talent to be applauded.

Iconic is the inaugural collection by Paul Wright and is available in an edition of only 50. Each numbered Studio Edition is hand-embellished and signed by the artist. These faithful representations combine the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting and offer a unique element to every single collectable edition.

Paul has established a distinguished reputation in the contemporary art market with his original artwork. He has established a significant following and we anticipate an overwhelming response to his debut collection of Studio Editions.


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