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Spring Collection

By Leigh Lambert

We are delighted to announce two brand new limited edition canvas prints and three new limited edition Giclee on Paper sketches.

'Let Battle Commence' and 'Driving License Please Sir!'
Canvas edition only - Edition size: 45

'A Backa Home', 'One At A Time' and 'Through The Sheets To The Sweets'
Paper edition only - Edition size: 35

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Animal Antics

by Amy Louise

We are delighted to announce Amy Louise Artist brand new collection... 'Animal Antics'.

Copy and paste the link below to view Amy's virtual brochure:…/animal-antics/full-view.htm

"Over the past two years of exhibiting my work and meeting my collectors, the one thing a lot of people have told me is 'there is just something in the eyes of your animals that make them almost human'.

This thought is something I have really tried to draw on with my latest collection, 'Animal Antics'. I have added accessories that give each animal their own individual personality - to 'humanise' them just that little bit further." - Amy Louise



Current Update To Cover-19

In order to protect the health and well-being of our customers and our colleagues in these challenging times, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close our Head Office. In light of the Government’s update last night, the doors are now officially closed. A huge thanks again to our colleagues who have worked tirelessly up until this point to keep services open with great care and community spirit.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and we will open our doors again as soon as we can.
Although we are closed, during this period we will continue to keep you updated with all our artists studio happenings, coming soon teasers, new available original artworks and limited edition releases. These updates will be through our website and social media channels. Online ordering is still active and any orders placed will be fulfilled once we are back. See you all soon

Take every care.


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Urban Toons

New Collection By Inuka

We are delighted to introduce Inuka's new Urban Toon's collection.

After developing a fascination with urban art and spaces Inuka began photographing interesting derelict scenes and cityscapes. Finding beauty in the meeting of urban decay and art she imagined her favourite cartoons characters bringing the spaces to life and so presents her new collection Urban Toons.

" I like to explore new places and just walk with my camera, taking into consideration the colours, context and composition of a scene which usually sparks a particular character interacting with that scene in my head. I have always had a very visual minds eye and now enjoy imagining toons popping up all over the place! I think it brings a bit of childlike joy into everyday life, a playful humour. After capturing some scenes I edit the photos to ensure I’m happy with the colour tones and the content. I then try to focus on how the character would interact and relate to their surroundings. Next, I edit a shadow to really tie the character into the scene. Once my photo is on canvas I pick out elements I want to hand embellish with metal gilds, playful tags and paint splats. Finally, I hand paint in the characters and add a coat of varnish. I love watching the scene come to life as I finish the final touches! "

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COVID - 19

Our team at Buckingham are focused as always on providing our staff, artists and clients the best possible service in what can only be described as extremely difficult times. Our thoughts go out to all of who have been affected by this unprecedented event.

We are currently providing a full service from our head office in Milton Keynes and our sales team remain mobile serving your every need.

We will continue to evaluate our policies and procedures and will adjust as needed in order to ensure the safety of all those who do business with us. We are prepared to work with you remotely and our trade ordering system will remain active with the option of direct deliveries to clients. We are striving to run our operations as normally as possible whilst diligently follow the guidelines and best practices set out from the NHS and UK Government.

There is no question this is a time of great uncertainty, but we are committed to you, our customers and will continue operating our business as normal as possible while keeping health and safety our top priority. While we don't know exactly what the future may hold, we feel confident that by supporting each other we will emerge from this stronger. We must be mindful that in times of trouble we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful Art and its power to uplift the human spirit.



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Introducing Sophie Kilpatrick

We are delighted to welcome artist Sophie Kilpatrick to our portfolio.

Sophie studied Art & Design at Latimer Community Arts College, followed by studying Pet Portraits across all mediums at the London Art College. This is where she discovered her love and passion for wildlife photo realism.

Sadly, after Sophie's mum passing in 2017, she knew she had to focus even more on what she loved, what made her happy and to also try and help inspire others to chase their dreams. All of Sophie's energy, passion and focus is now solely on creating and capturing the emotions, expressions and tiny details of the beautiful animal kingdom from all around the world.

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New Artist Alert

Introducing Lee McCarthy

We are delighted to welcome Lee McCarthy to our portfolio of artists. View Lee’s stunning collection of original artworks.

Lee studied at Liverpool Art College, gained A-level art and design and is a member of the ABNA (Association of British Naive Artists). Inspired by his childhood holidays, mostly working on canvas using acrylic or oil to paint harbour scenes and coastal landscapes as well as cityscapes. He uses sketches and photographs as visual references and likes to experiment with a variety of styles, techniques and different media to create quirky, naïve paintings full of texture and movement.

Room Set Inuka

New Artist Alert

Introducing Inuka

Unique Geometric wall sculptures with leafed metallic edges, finished in a high gloss resin. Ready to hang. 24mm treated wood base.

During three years travelling the world Inuka found a passion for photography and collecting the essence of every country she explored. The essence is often hidden in the small details and she found herself obsessively documenting the rich textures, patterns and colours throughout her trip. When returning back home to London, Inuka picked up a can of Montana gold and began to master the art of aerosol.

Inuka means ‘to evoke’ in Swahili which sets intention for this upcoming artists collection. Her work features vibrant colour and bold geometric patterns, marbled and precious metal gild detailing with a thick resin finish to boost the colour and give it that extra shine. Inuka is exploring a range of mediums incorporating fabrics, stencilling, photography and acrylics reflecting the rich diversity of art she still passionately seeks and captures with her camera.

Hue Folk Statues Square


By Hue Folk

We are delighted to introduce you to Hue Folk's brand new series of originals...'Statues'.

Once the silhouette design has been made and the stencils have been cut, Hue Folk dive straight in, building up multiple layers using aerosol and acrylic.

Each original has a beautiful mix of colour combined with perfectly placed cartoons and brands. These high gloss resin sculptures are created on treated 24mm wood and introduce a new dimension to any wall space.


New Artist Alert

Introducing Katie Day

We are delighted to welcome artist 'Katie Day' to our portfolio of artists. A new collection of original artworks are available now.

Katie's style is to combine the looseness of fluid art but with a focused realism as this allows her to both be free and deliver detail together. The unpredictable nature of the inks can offer some outstanding results that captivate. In addition to these media, Katie likes to embellish and enhance the works with the use of metallics, adding another wonderful dimension to the viewer, and caught in the right light reveals some truly wonderful results to each work in turn.

LLE153C One At A Time

One At A Time

By Leigh Lambert

We are delighted to announce the stunning new limited edition print by Leigh Lambert.
Introducing ‘One At A Time’!!!
Available on canvas, canvas deluxe and paper.

Giclee on Canvas and Paper
Canvas Image size: 48x69cm - Edition Size: 95
Canvas Deluxe Image size: 76x110cm - Edition Size: 35
Paper Image size: 48x69cm - Edition Size: 75

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All You Need Is Love

Amy Louise Limited Edition

We are delight to announce 'All You Need Is Love'

A very special limited edition print by Amy Louise. This hand-embellished print is a one time release of only 14 especially for Valentine's day.

The black and white stripes sit perfectly on a background of Farrow and Balls 'Rectory Red'.

Be quick... This limited edition is sure to sell out!

Jacquie Boyd


Introducing Jacquie Boyd

We are delighted to announce that Jacquie Boyd has joined our portfolio of artists.

Born in Jarrow 1965, Jacquie graduated from Lincolnshire College, having studied illustration and graphic design. Her love of comic book artwork and her early career in advertising at the tail end of the magic marker era have influenced her style.

Jacquies' opening collection has been very well received and we can't wait for her second series.

Watch this space!!!


Room Set 2

Emily Crook

New Size 122x60cm

We are delighted to announce Emily Crook's new collection of originals. Emily has introduced a brand new size which is a great addition to her growing portfolio. All 10 originals released sold out with the publisher within 1hr.

All information on sizes and prices can be found on Emily's artist page.

Available to order now!


Winter Collection

By Leigh Lambert


We are delighted to announce a new 'Winter' limited edition collection by Leigh Lambert Art.

Introducing... 'What's for tea Mam', 'Room for one more', 'Fire At Will' and 'A parting shot'.
All 4 editions are available on Canvas and Paper, with an edition size of 45 Canvas and 25 Paper.

To top off Leigh's Winter Collection we introduce you all to 'Hold On To Your Hats'... This Stunning limited edition is available on Canvas, Canvas Deluxe and Paper, with an edition size of 95 Canvas, 35 Canvas Deluxe and 25 Paper.

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High Five

Amy Louise's stunning limited edition print

We are delighted to announce Amy Louise Artist brand new limited edition print.

This print is uniquely hand-embellished on canvas board.
Available in three Farrow and Ball colours;Oval Room Blue, Pavilion Gray and Rangwali Pink. Edition Size: 75

When placing your order please state your preferred colour variation.

Available to order!!


AlexJa2019 Square

Alex Jawdokimov

Your legacy will remain in our memories for decades

"It is with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes that we say goodnight to Alex Jawdokimov, who has sadly passed away. Alex was a true gentleman and his passion for art shone through every single painting he created. His legacy will remain in our memories for years and decades. Rest in peace Alex, we will continue to think of you looking down on the trees you once painted.

Alex Jawdokimov was born in Smolensk and has had a remarkable life that could be the script of a beautiful feature film. He was abandoned at a farm but spent a large part of his youth in various concentration camps in Europe. In 1950 he came to England, his mother had fled there during the Second World War.

After having lived in England for 5 years he became a citizen. In the 60’s he lived for a short period in Canada and learned to fly at the RAF. Meanwhile, he studied at Somerset College of Art. He also started performing in plays and musicals. Despite his love for acting, he continued to paint and spent the weekends in Hyde Park with other artists. Alex developed his own style, using an acrylic base texture, adding light using gold or silver leaf, he captured the luminescent quality of trees in the sunlight."

Thumbnail Give Us A Wave Dad

Give Us A Wave Dad

By Leigh Lambert

We are delighted to announce the stunning new limited edition print by Leigh Lambert.
Introducing ‘Give Us A Wave Dad’!!!
Available on canvas and paper.

Giclee on Canvas and Paper
Image size: 31x23cm
Framed Size: 53x45cm
Edition Size: 95

We also have the detailed limited edition pencil sketch.
Giclee on Paper
Image size: 18x12cm
Framed Size: 26x20cm
Edition Size: 35

Capital Fusion

Capital Fusion

by Hue Folk Vs Edward Waite

We are delighted to introduce you to Capital Fusion!

This is what happens when a sauce bottle meets a spray can.

Edward Waite and Hue Folk have been busy in the studio creating a collection of 5 unique originals. Both artists have added their signature stamps, beautifully merged into one piece. A stunning collaboration by two exciting British artists.


BJE027C Monroe Framed

The Golden Era

by Ben Jeffery

We are delighted to announce three new limited edition prints by Ben Jeffery.

Introducing you all to Mercury, Hepburn and Monroe. Each print is unique and individually hand embellished by Ben with 24ct gold leaf.

Mercury - Giclee on Canvas - Image Size: 40x16inch
Hepburn - Giclee on Canvas - Image Size: 24x24inch
Monroe - Giclee on Canvas - Image Size: 24x24 inch
Edition size worldwide for all: 45

Paul James

Alfred The Gate and Drag Queen

by Paul James

We are thrilled to reveal TWO brand new limited editions from Paul James!
Allow us to introduce ‘Drag Queen’ and ‘Alfred The Grate’ who have immersed themselves in their new urban surroundings. Available as canvas or paper editions with an edition size of 95

Drag Queen is Paul's latest urban painting has a very edgy feel as this wonderful female orang-utan imitates one of human kind's dying habits. She's absolutely gorgeous, but a sad indictment at the same time; thought provoking at the very least. Bad habit? Bad habitat!

Alfred, "King of the Swiggers", is a juxtaposition of a very handsome hulk of an orang-utan in an urban environment appearing to portray the life he could be heading for.

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New Artist Alert

Introducing Richard King

We are delighted to welcome landscape glass artist 'Richard King' to our portfolio of artists. A new collection of original artwork is available now.

All Richard's paintings have been created from spectacular scenes witnessed first and photographed by himself then created in the studio using a unique technique of painting in which he paints backwards on the opposite side of glass to create mesmerizing landscapes and seascapes.

There is an ongoing theme to Richards paintings (Fragile Planet) which has become his painting objective; to seek out beautiful places which are under threat of ecological change. His unconventional method was honed after experimenting with various surfaces to achieve the results he sought after. Working on glass allows him to create a softer gradient of colour and tone.

Nigel Cooke

New Artist Alert

Introducing Nigel Cooke

One of the UK's most exciting cityscape artists Nigel Cooke has been working hard on a stunning new collection of original artwork soon to be launched with Buckingham Fine Art.

Born in West Yorkshire, Nigel joined the Merchant Navy after leaving school and subsequently held a number of full time jobs on the road to becoming a full time artist. He sold his first painting at the age of 14 and has never looked back.

Having spent many years travelling the world as a caricature artist, Nigel then started to look to translate his unique point of view into other subjects. Looking back to all the places he visited and worked, Nigel begun painting cityscapes, which elevated his illustrative style into fine art. His unusual, dynamic and unmistakeable style creates beautifully textured scenes that have intricate, layered details.

To date, Nigel has sold paintings all over the world, with particularly strong sales in the UK, the USA and the Far East. We are excited to see his next chapter. Watch this space.

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We have launched our new website design

We have launched our new website design and we are excited to show you our new look!!

Functionality staying the same but we’ve introduced a range of new features to the website to improved communication with our clients and bring you the latest updates from all our talented artists.

We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, exhibition dates, company announcements within the 'events' and 'in the news' sections. We have also added our 'catalogues' feature which contains our current artist brochures in an interactive digital format. Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our Buckingham Newsletter. Please do sign up to our mailing list if you wish to receive these updates.



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