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Introducing Anna Schofield

Debut Original Collection

Anna loves travelling and documenting interesting parts of nature, whether it be the sky, the sea, or the pools and harbours around it. The places she visits live long in her memory, and she brings them back to life on canvas with her own interpretation. Anna is a great believer in the positive power of art and treats it as a real necessity for our emotional existence.

Anna starts a painting by creating a suggestion of the mark using acrylic, gesso or other media and then covers it with many layers of oil paint. Anna uses both glaze and impasto techniques which date back to the times of the Italian Renaissance. This method employs numerous semi-transparent layers of paint, which modifies the appearance of the underlying structure. Each colour and their mix on the canvas has deep spiritual meaning for Anna, creating the 'landscape of the soul’ and a symbiosis between the artist and the viewer.

Texture is an integral part of Anna’s work, and she enjoys the process of ‘evolving ‘areas. She works mainly with palette knives, her fingers and a variety of other implements, as well as the traditional paint brush to create diversity in her mark-making. Anna lives with the painting for weeks and constantly makes changes and adds detail to make sure she has captured everything she wanted to say. The combination of texture, technique strong colours and a dominant appreciation of light and shadow ensures that Anna’s work is both uplifting and has positive overtones.

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Debut Studio Edition Collection

By Douglas Gray

We are delighted to present the debut collection of Studio Editions by Douglas Gray.

Douglas Gray’s artistic objective is to create light, mood, and a sense of atmosphere in his work. His attraction to figurative art enables him to portray human nature in all its emotional complexities. There is a strong narrative in his paintings that takes us to a place and a time where a story is about to unfold and the see motions become evident. In these new editions, Douglascaptures a moment of time, and we observe lonely contemplating females in realistic, yet dreamy locations. The surroundings are as important as the characters, as they give shape, context, and tone to the setting. Douglas is much a master of the architectural as he is of the figurative form, and it serves to heighten the emotion imbued in the work. We are invited to wonder and question the scene and to bring the stories to life in our minds.

Award-winning Douglas Gray began his professional artistic career in the study of illustration and has enjoyed significant success over a 20-year period with clients including Saatchi and Saatchi, Warner Brothers, and Universal Studios. He now concentrates on fine art, specialising in contemporary figurative and cityscape genres. His commissions include the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London where his painting ‘Cloud break, River Thames’ is permanently displayed in the hotel’s River Room.

‘My aim is to emotionally connect with the viewer through my work; whether they be happy, melancholic, or even sad. As human beings, we all experience these timeless emotions and I hope my paintings ignite people’s imagination and evoke their own personal memories’. 

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Winter Collection

By Michael Abrams

We are delighted to introduce Michael Abrams' new Winter Collection.

The debut Winter-inspired collection from Michael Abrams sees his familiar characters delighting in the joys of the season in a nostalgic set of limited editions.

There is an overwhelming sense of love and affection in these feel-good images which is symbolised with hearts and hugs. The message of hope and positivity is evident in these captured moments.

Uplifting and inspirational, we are invited to celebrate the best things in life as we enter the traditional festive season of showing love and sharing togetherness. Enjoy these heart-rendering images at the heart of your home or give the ultimate token of love to your sweetheart this Christmas!

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Winter Collection

By Leigh Lambert

We are delighted to introduce Leigh Lambert's 'Winter Collection'.

'As the snow falls and Christmas decorations appear, children prepare for the wonders winter brings.'

Leigh's Winter collection is available to order now.

Three stunning limited edition prints on Paper and Canvas, and three Sketches.

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New Studio Editions

By Alison Johnson

Introducing Alison Johnson's stunning new collection of Studio Editions. Alison's studio edition release features seven beautiful new colourways and introduces a new image size to her landscape range and a new edition size across all seven editions. Alison's atmospheric oil paintings are vibrant and seductive, combining the power of light with the energy of water to reveal the abstract, almost surreal character of the natural world.

Ephemeral and evocative, Alison creates a sense of movement through colour, light, and balance. Colours sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist. The sky appears deep and brooding, the colours revealing a darkness that battles with the flashes of light. When shapes reveal themselves through the hazy glow, they appear lost against the infinite space of the world around them. There is an overriding sense of wonder to Alison’s work, and the atmospheric compositions are complimented by her breath-taking use of tone and colour.

With the last two edition releases sold out or in low inventory, we would encourage a significant order to enable your clients to add to their existing collection and to have the opportunity to showcase these stunning hand-embellished editions in your gallery.

With the last two edition releases sold out or in low inventory, we would encourage a significant order to enable your clients to add to their existing collection, and to have the opportunity to showcase these stunning hand-embellished editions in your gallery.

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Anne Cher

Debut Studio Edition

We are thrilled to announce the release of the debut Studio Collection by Anna Cher.

Anna is a renowned contemporary, floral painter and her original artwork has been highly sought-after for some years. Focused on the beauty of nature, she aims to create a balance between realistic and abstract art. Anna is passionate about experimentation and she enjoys evolving her style through brushstrokes, multi-laying and colour palette.

Anna studied interior design as part of her art education in Russia, and the tonal harmony of colour and texture that she studied has undoubtedly informed her work. The move from Russia to the UK opened a new world of visual perception for her which she believes is based on the cultural codes; “this is how I began my journey of releasing my style from academic rules in painting and finding my own visual voice”. Anna feels that she has found a delicate equilibrium between the energy of mark-making and the perception of reality.

Having experimented with multiple mediums, Anna now focuses on acrylics. It is an important element of her signature style; acrylics dry quickly and therefore ensure that there is a vitality to her work that can be lost through overthinking. The use of palette knives accentuates the movement in her work and consequently, her paintings are immediate, fresh, and energised.  There is a depth to her work that is emphasised by the texture and sculptural nature of her approach, and a luxury and opulence that radiates from the subject matter that she depicts.



By Scott Tetlow

'Legends' by Scott Tetlow - Scott’s new collection of limited editions features six legends of the 20th century; Marilyn, Audrey, Lennon, Bowie, Winehouse and Hendrix.

The way in which Scott’s portraiture captures the essence of this chosen subject sets him apart from his contemporaries. In a world where there is a real love of the icon, he brings a level of confidence and skill that is second to none. There is a dynamism and spontaneity to his technique that creates a uniqueness, that is both amazingly accurate and instantly recognisable, and an illustration of the strength of Scott’s raw talent.

Through his love of calligraphy, Scott has developed a form of painting that is linear and yet absent of the constraints of calligraphy. Instead, it is imbued with a sense of freedom of movement that is balanced and contained in considered composition. There is a confidence of line, a strength in the flow of creation that adds to the energy of the artwork. Quite clearly there is an abstraction to the work, but there is a realism too that gives his characters tangibility as well as personality.

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Gravity - Studio Edition Release

By Paul Wright

Introducing 'Gravity' by Paul Wright - Paul Wright encapsulates the effortless grace of the female form in a collection of four captivating new Studio Editions.

Having studied at the distinguished Falmouth College of Art, Paul Wright has become renowned for portrait painting and depicting the true essence of his subject. In this series, Paul turns to the world of dance and brings his dynamic muses to life through a collaboration of paint and canvas. Paul uses his iconic brushstrokes to capture a moment in time and his signature styling is instantly recognisable. The impressionistic approach adds an overriding sense of beauty and elegance to each piece, with every stroke having significance and meaning.

The poses are classical, but Pauls’ quintessential use of colour ensures that the compositions are expressive and unharnessed from the classical restraints of traditional portrayals of the discipline. There is a freedom of movement and a fluidity of form in Paul’s compositions that are delicately balanced with an intensity of balance and equilibrium.

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New Artist Launch

Introducing Susan Wooler

I create intricate and unique textured paintings using acrylics, I use texture to give the painting depth and tactile quality, the texture stimulates two different senses: sight and touch.
A juxtaposition of soft and delicate with accents of thick texture and bold colour. The colour palette is both modern and neutral with hints of vibrant, colorful tones that balance the paintings out nicely. They capture an ephemeral quality that is fleeting and beautiful, like seizing a moment or dream.

I'm from the UK originally brought up on a Council Estate, went to a Comprehensive School in Manchester, and now living in a beautiful Welsh seaside village with my family. Coming from a working-class family, I was instilled with a strong work ethic from a young age. My mom was a Dinner Lady and Dad worked in a Factory, my parents always worked hard to provide for me and my sisters. Although we didn't have much, we were happy and cared for; what we lacked in material items we were given a much greater gift - love and encouragement. I live by the values my parents passed down, to care, be compassionate and be grateful.

I have a passion for the planet/our home/our earth my imagination runs wild whilst I am creating a piece of art. My husband, myself, and our Labrador live in a little bungalow that backs onto the sand dunes. I spend hours walking on and the beach or sitting in the dunes watching the sunset I find it very calming watching the changing colours and tones in the sky and sea, and it always gives me a lot of inspiration for my paintings.

I am honoured to be joining Buckingham Fine Art and am grateful that hundreds of my paintings are in collectors' homes all over the world.

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Debut Studio Edition

By Michiel Folkers

We are delighted to present the debut Studio Editions collection by Michiel Folkers.

Michiel Folkers was born in the Netherlands and started his artistic journey experimenting with graffiti art in the nineties. It naturally evolved into street art with the use of stencils and matured on canvas, as he refined his artistic style. Heavily influenced by festival posters pasted on the walls of Holland’s streets, Michiel became fascinated by the aesthetics of these “promotional posters” and the idea of layering graffiti upon them. Describing them as ‘collage walls’, he is still using these kinds of street elements in his art today. The work is often made up of posters that Michiel has collected from the streets of Amsterdam, referring to the “sustainable art” which gives an “edgy and living character to the painting.”

Each edition is signed, with an exclusive edition of only 50. Beautifully hand embellished, recreating the innovative texture of Michiel‘s original artwork, this iconic new collection is luxurious, distinctive and ideal for the discerning art collector.

Sam Cover

New Collection

By Samantha Greenhill

We are delighted to share with you Samantha Greenhill's beautiful original Charcoal Collection.

Charcoal is one of the oldest drawing mediums known to man. Cave drawings using it can be found all over the world dating back as far as 28,000 years, showing what a lasting medium it really is!

"I have always admired the sensitivity and drama that can be created by a drawing using charcoal and have been inspired by many artists work. Until recently I only used it to work out compositions for larger pastel pieces. While looking back over some old studies I came to realise that these pieces have a power and presence of their own and so I decided to spend some time really experimenting with the medium and found that I loved every minute and the results it produced.

The immediacy of line and the rich tonal values as well as an ability to erase and use negative shapes allows me to capture a real feeling of light and texture within a piece. In my opinion these dramatic, rich marks create some really expressive paintings that have a timeless elegance and power."

Studio Editions FC AW

Studio Editions Catalogue

Virtual Catalogue

We are delighted to share with you our new Studio Editions Collection brochure.

Featuring an eclectic range of hand-signed, small exclusive editions, the signature range is beautifully hand embellished using a variety of painterly techniques, which offers a unique element to every single collectable piece.

Luxurious and distinctive, the collection is ideal for the discerning art collector and combines the skill of the UK’s finest printmakers with the creative hand of the artist, to capture the very essence of the original painting.

Offer your clients the opportunity to enjoy fabulous exclusive artwork in their homes and contact the team to secure your Studio Editions.


Dale Bowen - New Limited Edition Collection

Meet George, Poppy and Jip

We are delighted to introduce Dale Bowen's charming new collection.

Dale's playful limited editions, bring a brand new horizon and are packed with colour and love.

Meet 'George, Poppy and Jip'; a loveable pair and their furry friend.

Every doorway opens into a fantasy land; whether it's a City full of lights, Cliff Top Houses by the sea or where the love simply glows long into the night. Explore the wonderful world of Dale Bowen.

ALE016 Ostrich 61 X 61 Cms Celestial Blue

Fun In The Tub

by Amy Louise

We are delighted to present the new edition by Amy Louise Fun in the Tub. Amy characters, style and colour palette makes her work instantly recognisable, and she has established a considerable following on the contemporary art scene.

Fun in the tub features a family of four ostriches enjoying some much-loved bubbly bath time - the most fun part of the day! For Amy, it is, “a time for our imagination to really run wild, as we make bubble beards and hair into whippy ice creams as well as the obvious catching fish, pretending to be a dolphin and the bathtub becoming an infamous pirate ship!”

The characters that Amy portrays are as amusing as they are adorable! We are encouraged to create the characters in our mind, guided by the look in their eyes as they stare back at us! She offers only a glimpse of the personality of this eccentric family, and as she illustrates them in enchanting acts of colour and form, we are left to imagine the rest! There is a magical quality to the work that ensures that a smile is guaranteed every time, and therein lies the charm of Amy’s work - artwork that brings joy and a ‘feel good factor’.


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