Have We Got a Bite?

By Leigh lambert

We are delighted to announce a brand new limited edition print by Leigh Lambert.

Available on Canvas and Paper

'Have We Got a Bite?'
Canvas Edition Size: 95 Worldwide
Paper Edition Size: 75 Worldwide

Order your copy before it sells out.


Introducing Figurative Artist

Shaun Othen

We are extremely delighted to introduce you all to Shaun Othen.

We are expecting Shaun's stunning originals in very soon. An example of his oils and charcoals are now live on our website.

Price points for original oils are RRP: £1350 - £4250

Price for original Charcoal Studies are RRP: £995

Please email to register your interest.

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Introducing Cityscape Artist

Colin Brown

We are delighted to welcome Colin Brown to our portfolio of artists.

‘Colin's ability and industriousness has made his name and reputation on the international graphic illustration scene, where he has produced work for Hasbro, illustrating Transformer packaging, Corgi Toys, Barbie, Saga, and The Guinness Book of Records.

Colin recently took the leap to become a full-time career artist when, after many years of producing photo-realist work, Colin had an epiphany that his future lay in Impressionism and cityscapes in particular. Colin and his wife have and continue to travel extensively and he gathers his inspiration from his many jaunts around the world.


Introducing Wildlife Artist

Martin Robson

We are delighted to introduce to you the stunning artwork from Martin Robson.

Martin paints in acrylics on canvas and his ambition is to create beautiful quality work with a high level of realism. Martin is particularly interested in searching out strong lighting and shadows, that adds a level of dynamism to his final pieces.

"There is nothing like the satisfaction of creating an original piece of art and putting paint to canvas. The absolute joy of making a mark with a paintbrush and bringing it to life is without parallel.”

Some of Martin’s paintings are of large-scale and require a high level of detail and concentration. His ambition is to achieve new artistic boundaries. He aspires to express himself through his traditional crafting skills, and fine art is a vocation that he has set his heart on following.

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Lee McCarthy

New Collection

We are delighted to welcome Lee McCarthy to our portfolio of artists. View Lee’s stunning collection of original artworks.

Lee studied at Liverpool Art College, gained A-level art and design and is a member of the ABNA (Association of British Naive Artists). Inspired by his childhood holidays, mostly working on canvas using acrylic or oil to paint harbour scenes and coastal landscapes as well as cityscapes. He uses sketches and photographs as visual references and likes to experiment with a variety of styles, techniques and different media to create quirky, naïve paintings full of texture and movement.

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Summer Holiday

By Amy Louise

The 20th June, marks the Summer Solstice and the beginning of the official British Summer Time.

Lots of us are missing out on family holidays this year, so to bring a little sunshine to the summer months, we are pleased to be launching this new hand embellished, limited edition print! ‘Summer Holiday’ is one of the highlights of Amy Louise recent ‘Animal Antics’ collection, featuring an array of animals with different accessories.

Each piece is printed on canvas board, lovingly embellished, by Amy, with black drizzle and metallic paints and framed in an Italian ornate wooden moulding. A very limited edition of only 45 worldwide.




Current Update To Cover-19

We are constantly monitoring the current situation, and after the latest update, we will now be open 5 days a week. Staff health remains our top priority, and as a result of this, our team is smaller than usual so orders may take a little longer. We appreciate your patience and we will continue to keep you updated.

Online ordering is still active. During this time we are also offering DIRECT SHIPPING to clients on your behalf. Please state this in the comments box when placing your order online. Take every care.


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by Jean Picton

We are delighted to introduce the stunning new collection of original artworks by Jean Picton.

Jean's originals are full of texture and movement and when she applies the final coat of resin all her colours infuse together and pop.

Jean is a huge inspiration to us all.

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Urban Toons

New Collection By Inuka

We are delighted to introduce Inuka's new Urban Toon's collection.

After developing a fascination with urban art and spaces Inuka began photographing interesting derelict scenes and cityscapes. Finding beauty in the meeting of urban decay and art she imagined her favourite cartoons characters bringing the spaces to life and so presents her new collection Urban Toons.

" I like to explore new places and just walk with my camera, taking into consideration the colours, context and composition of a scene which usually sparks a particular character interacting with that scene in my head. I have always had a very visual minds eye and now enjoy imagining toons popping up all over the place! I think it brings a bit of childlike joy into everyday life, a playful humour. After capturing some scenes I edit the photos to ensure I’m happy with the colour tones and the content. I then try to focus on how the character would interact and relate to their surroundings. Next, I edit a shadow to really tie the character into the scene. Once my photo is on canvas I pick out elements I want to hand embellish with metal gilds, playful tags and paint splats. Finally, I hand paint in the characters and add a coat of varnish. I love watching the scene come to life as I finish the final touches! "

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Unique Hand Embellished Prints

by Kimberley Harris

It is, with great pleasure, that we are now able to release our most progressive and illustrious hand embellished limited edition to date.

Using gels and pigments, each edition has been lovingly embellished to create an impasto detail that is unequalled. Each canvas is individual and unique and even on close inspection, as close to a genuine original Kimberley Harris as it is possible to get.

These very special editions are limited to just 35 worldwide and are expected to sell-out rapidly, so order now to avoid disappointment.

Click to view Kimberley’s virtual brochure:


Always There For Us

By Leigh Lambert

Ourselves and Leigh Lambert Art would like to say a huge thank you to all the amazing NHS staff across the country.

Leigh has created this special hand signed limited edition called 'Always There For You' as a message of love to all the inspirational NHS workers who are putting themselves on the line to keep us all safe during these difficult times.

To show our support, we are joining forces with Leigh Lambert, to raise money for the amazing NHS Charities Together.

From every edition sold, Buckingham will be donating 20% to the Appeal.

We are proud to also say the original has now sold with full proceeds being donated. Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.


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