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Oil on Canvas



Oil on Canvas


This Beauty

Oil on Canvas


Moment So Sweet

Oil on Canvas



Oil on Canvas


Simply Adore You

Oil on Canvas


Beautiful Glamour

Oil on Canvas


Sold, but please enquire about similar works

Started With A Kiss

Mixed Media on Canvas


Perfect Together

Mixed Media on Canvas


Perfect Distraction

Oil on Canvas


Fairytale Romance

Mixed Media on Canvas


Festival II ~

Oil on Canvas


Always Love ~

Oil on Canvas


Always You ~

Oil on Canvas


Young At Heart ~

Oil on Canvas


Fair Lady ~

Oil on Canvas



Never Understand

Oil on Canvas


Perfectly Sweet II

Oil on Canvas


Perfectly Sweet I

Oil on Canvas


A Little Sparkle

Oil on Canvas


You Make Me Smile

Oil on Canvas


Swooning Over You Too

Oil on Canvas


Your Mine Forever

Oil on Canvas


Im Yours

Oil on Canvas


Love Has No Boundaries

Oil on Canvas


California Dreaming

Oil on Canvas



Oil on Canvas


You Mean Everything To Me

Oil on Canvas


A Heart Full Of Sunshine

Oil on Canvas


This Morning I'll Cherish

Mixed Media on Canvas


Midas Dreams

Oil on Canvas



Mixed Media on Canvas


How Pretty ~

Oil on Canvas


My Love ~

Oil on Canvas


My Forever ~

Oil on Canvas


Ever & Ever ~

Oil on Canvas


Twilight Shimmer ~

Oil on Canvas


I Heart Alliums ~

Oil on Canvas


Lapis Lustre

Oil on Canvas


Spring Descends ~

Oil on Canvas


Jade Shimmer ~

Oil on Canvas


Amarillo Starlight ~

Oil on Canvas


Chasing Rainbows

Giclée on Paper


Ornamental Paradise

Giclée on Paper


Delicate Splendour

Giclée on Paper


Imperial Splendour

Giclée on Paper


Lyrical Splendour

Giclée on Paper


Wild Rainbow

Giclée on Canvas


Country Fusion

Giclée on Canvas


Flamingo Beauty

Giclée on Canvas


Sparkle in the Breeze

Giclée on Paper


*LOW STOCK* - Sweethearts

Giclée on Paper


All that Sparkles

Giclée on Paper


Fragile Passion

Giclée on Paper

Leanne Christie

Leanne Christie was born in Warwickshire, England. As a family Leanne moved to Cornwall on the coast near Gwithian Towans where she spent her teenage years. This area is Leanne's main inspiration for her many seascapes.

Inspiration: Leanne paints vibrant flowerscapes, English country gardens & wild flower meadows. Professionally painting for over twenty years, she has been described as one of the most prolific artists in recent years. Painting and design has always been an integral part of Leanne's family life. Leanne's earliest memories are of watching her mum sketching and painting in her art studio. She grew up surrounded by paint and canvases forming an interest in art from an early age and going on to produce commercial pieces ever since. Leanne is now living in Devon, drawing inspiration from the ever changing moorlands, beautiful coastlines and Devon's famous floral hedgerows. Leanne's work is unique and highly sought after.

The Paintings: All of Leanne's paintings are predominately oil, embellished with glitter, jewels and gold leaf. These unique paintings, regardless of whether they are flowerscapes, seascapes, waterscapes or moorlands, are textured with an almost three dimensional feel. The observer feels drawn in to the painting. Depending on the time of day or year, the light plays a magical part in making the paintings come to life.

The Flowerscapes: These vibrant absorbing paintings have an amazing amount of detail in them. Using high quality oil paint and other mediums, Leanne captures an ethereal landscape with glistening flower petals that seduces the observer into touching the artwork. Just as an English country garden changes through he seasons and moves towards the sun, enchantingly the paintings seem to mimic nature.

The Seascapes: This style tends to have a romantic, nostalgic feel to it. Reflecting Leanne's mood when she creates the seascapes, she gathers inspiration from her neighbouring coastline, her childhood and her own proposal of marriage amidst Gwithian Towans in Cornwall, looking out to sea. Seascapes have proved a big commission favourite for the romantics and even a couple of commissions have in themselves been unique proposal presents.

The Waterscapes: Claude Monet has been Leanne's biggest inspiration when it comes to her waterscapes. Water Lilies reflecting in the quiet ripples show Leanne's tranquillity at it's best. Fascinated by the contrasts of colour, Leanne teases the paint until it evolves with just the right balance of vibrancy and calm.
The Moorlands: To anyone who's experienced the beauty of the ever changing English moorland, it is understandable why it has been photographed and painted time and time again. Amidst the heather and gorse, the rolling hills and jagged rock face, there is a genuine feeling that this landscape has been untouched for centuries. As the amber sunsets bathe the moors in stunning light, the colours from natures carpet reflect a beautiful hue, especially as autumn approaches. Leanne captures this enchanting emotion perfectly. As an observer, one can feel the change of the moorland painting as the sun sets and the light changes.

Special commissions are welcome.


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