Limited Edition : Roffway
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  • Together Forever

    Studio Edition on Canvas

    Image Size 51 x 76 x 10 cm
    Overall Framed Size (including the frame) 74.6 x 99.6 x 10 cm

    A New Day

    Studio Edition on Canvas

    Image Size 51 x 76 x 10 cm
    Overall Framed Size (including the frame) 74.6 x 99.6 x 10 cm

    Born in Hertfordshire, Roffway fell in love with the idyllic English countryside of Buckinghamshire and made it his home and the primary source of inspiration for his beautiful original paintings.

    Roffway studied both art and photography and his paintings reflect a fusion of the two disciplines, where soft focus realism meets painterly traditionalism. The collaboration of artistic expressions has had a profound influence on his painting style, and through it Roffway has found a distinctiveness voice in the contemporary art world.

    A painting begins life through the camera lens. Roffway spends hours walking through the British landscape searching for the perfect shot and as much time waiting for the ideal light to shoot it! This journey continues back in the studio, where his photographs form the foundation of his paintings.

    "Painting gives me the freedom to tell a story which photography could not always allow. I strive to evoke an emotional connection between my art and the viewer, be it sparking a memory or portraying a certain feeling. I listen to a lot of classical music and film scores when I work. as this also helps me to capture the romance and drama in each painting."

    There is an overriding sense of calmness to the work that is imbued through the muted tones of Roffway’s colour palette and the soft feathering technique of his paintbrush. The success of his work lies in the feelings of nostalgia and reflection that his enchanting landscapes offer the viewer, as well as a sense of escapism that can be enjoyed perpetually.


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