Limited Edition : Paul James [Biography]

Wize Gize - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Wize Gize - Super Deluxe

Giclée on Canvas


Wize Gize - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Hip Hop Harriet

Giclée on Canvas


Tagging Along

Giclée on Canvas


Kred Gordon~

Giclée on Canvas


Sold, but please enquire about similar works

The Lads

Giclée on Canvas


Dirty Harry 2 - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Dirty Harry 2 - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Dirty Harry 1 - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Dirty Harry 1 - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Stylish Stan - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Stylish Stan - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Monty - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Monty - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Grizzly - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Grizzly - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Puddle Town - Paper

Giclée on Paper


Puddle Town - Canvas

Giclée on Canvas


Paul James

Paul James

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter renowned for the skill and craftsmanship with which he depicts the fine detail and realism of the many textures portrayed within his imagery. He is an exceptionally gifted and unique animal and landscape artist. Essentially self-taught, Paul began painting professionally in 1986 and it was the haunting beauty of Charnwood forest that greatly influenced his early atmospheric landscape, together with his animal portraiture for which he has perfected a style of his own. Paul has become well known in recent years for his combination of wildlife within urban settings which was inspired by his observation of ducks walking along towpaths while he lived on a canalboat.
He is also an accomplished performing musician and composer.


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